Democrats Are Failing the Reality Test

It’s hard to think of a major Democrat issue and proposed solution that is not a fake. It’s an emergency. What’s the emergency? Everything. The planet, white privilege, transgender rights, Nazi policies on the border, killer cops. A health care crisis so dire the government must ban private insurance, private doctors, and private hospitals.

Most of all President Trump is a walking emergency. His voters are hate-filled bigots who love his authoritarian tendencies.  They are a danger to our democracy.

Democrat fixes are a list of economic and physical impossibilities. Ban oil, gas, and coal; make health care and college “free”; hand out reparations for slavery. They promise they will raise all the money from billionaires’ spare change.

The Democrats running for president in 2020 don’t talk about normal issues—jobs and national security. They have nothing to say about opportunities for minorities. Instead, it is all fake investigations of fake scandals.

Democrats are running fake impeachment proceedings on a fake accusation of quid pro quo from a fake whistleblower, who is one more deep state operative leaking hearsay that libels the president.

Who are they kidding? Oddly enough, themselves—very successfully.

Fake is fine with their voters. “Fauxcahontas” is a leading candidate. Fake news is all the news they’ll read.

Something has gone terribly wrong with previously normal Democratic Party voters. They have abandoned common sense and reality testing. They even claim to believe human beings are not divided into male and female.

Fake Paths to Power

The solution is obvious to Democrats: Only they can be allowed to elect a president. Global survival and protecting democracy from Republicans justify impeachment, changing the Electoral College, packing the Supreme Court, voter harvesting. No sharing power with Republicans, ever again.

Real impeachment has one basic requirement: evidence of a high crime comparable to treason or bribery. The only crimes in President Trump’s Ukraine phone call were those he is rightfully investigating: the attempted coup by the Obama Administration and Vice President Biden’s corruption.

In reality, the Democratic Party itself is in crisis, with the upcoming exposure and expected indictments of the Obama Administration’s frame-up and spying on the Trump campaign. President Obama thought he could perpetuate his transformation of America by taking President Trump out after his surprise victory. Trump’s election interfered with the progressive makeover of our country.

We are in a manufactured maelstrom of vilifying Trump in order to minimize the Obama Administration’s bizarre and outlandish attempt to nullify a legitimate election.

“As offensive and norm-breaking as Trump can be,” Ari Fleisher writes at Fox News, “it is more norm-breaking and offensive to refuse to accept an election result and instead seek to turn all forms of political disagreement into a constitutional crisis in which the Congress tries repeatedly to remove the president from office, negating the results of an election.”

Harvard Law School’s Alan Dershowitz says unequivocally that the “woke” progressive social justice warriors wear the Stalinist mantle, and are a danger to American civil liberties. “Many have no idea who Stalin even was, but they are emulating his disdain for free speech and due process in the interests of achieving the unrealizable utopia they both sought. They also have in common the attitude that noble ends justify the means,” he writes.

The question that haunts me is why aren’t Democrats revolted at this assault on their liberal values and love of America?

What happened to their ordinary sense of playing by the democratic and lawful rules? Don’t they understand if they strip away constitutional freedoms and limits on government power, we all lose? That if they wallow in envy of the most successful, they kill the American dream for everyone? Why do they go along with crude propaganda and the propping up of a blatantly fake reality? Why have they gone to war with their fellow Americans, treating us like white supremacist pariahs?

Americans used to be united in love of our land of freedom and opportunity, our basic decency and good hearts, our pragmatism. We all shared bragging rights for overcoming slavery, racism and other ills of the past. Why aren’t Democrats rebelling against the America-hating leftists who have seized power over all liberal institutions and their party?

We can’t blame it all on millennials and young idiots, because older Democrats are all on board with Trump the Russian Stooge, global warming, racist Republicans, free everything and all the rest.

Dems Need to Cancel Reality or Be Canceled Themselves

Democrat voters don’t gag on this nonsense because they like it. They like hating Republicans. They like the drama. They love, love, love feeling morally superior to deplorables. But those are psychic rewards, not the causes of their failure in reality testing.

They buy the nonsense because to do otherwise is to question the sacrosanct, including President Obama and the New York Times.

They buy the nonsense because they don’t want to upend their lives. Rejecting the fake Democrat news and admitting President Trump is a legitimate president doing a lawful job, would end their world. It means being targeted themselves by unforgiving co-workers, bosses, neighbors, family, and even their spouses.

“Don’t let my wife know I like Trump,” one friend confided. “It could end in divorce.” He wasn’t kidding.

Another friend is glad his children hate Trump, although he adores our president, because it will help their careers in Massachusetts and Washington, D.C. Conservatives need not look for jobs or promotion in broad swathes of America and many professions, including Silicon Valley, Hollywood, academia, law and journalism grad schools, the East Coast, the West Coast.

This is not a trivial threat. It is safer to stay in the Democratic fold.

You have to wonder if Democrats really want or believe in a lot of their own party’s issues. When I talk to friends, family, and neighbors who identify as Democrats or liberals, I hear something different. They want border security. They want cheaper health care, not government health care. They’re glad President Trump is taking on China. They don’t buy white privilege or agree with trans sex-ed for school kids. They believe in global warming, but don’t want to do much about it. They pretend the economy under Trump is good only for rich people, but actually they’re happy with how well their own families are doing.

Yet they loathe Trump and despise Republicans as racist. Their lives are easier that way. They plan to vote for the Democrat nominee, whoever it is, and hope somehow they will get the party of Bill Clinton, not the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren. They close their eyes to the post-Obama reality of militant socialists setting the agenda.

They are kidding themselves and betraying the rest of us.

“It is not only the road to hell that is paved with good intentions,” Alan Dershowitz ominously concludes. “It is also the road to tyranny.”

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