‘Anonymous’ Book Is an Unprecedented Attack on the Presidency

The deep state—which the media used to pretend was a myth—is now admitting openly that it exists. The incontrovertible fact that the deep state is real and active presents a clear danger to our constitutional order.

The media have provided ground preparation, in New York Times op-ed that sets out to do two things. First, it admits that what conservatives have argued since Donald Trump’s campaign is true. There are right now government employees at the highest levels of our federal departments actively working to undermine the elected head of state, their own boss in the executive branch. Second, it attempts to rehabilitate the permanent, unelected bureaucracy—call it the “administrative state” or call it the “deep state”—as a group of noble patriots just trying to protect the republic.

Make no mistake, they are not noble servants. These deep state actors are a threat to the Republic. No one elected them. No one gave them authority to undermine a duly elected president of the United States to whom they report. No one allowed them to put their political views ahead of the constitution and laws of our land. They are usurpers working in concert with each other to challenge Trump from the shadows.

The deep state is firing its most egregious salvo at the president yet, in the upcoming book by “Anonymous.” This same faceless bureaucrat first assaulted the presidency—not the president, but the presidency itself—a year ago in the pages of the New York Times.

Given its timing, that op-ed clearly was intended to affect the outcome of the 2018 midterms and deliver control of the house to the Democrats who have sought to impeach Trump since before he ever took the oath of office. That gambit succeeded.

In the 2018 op-ed, political operative “Anonymous” says as much, citing the then ongoing Russia investigation as one of several reasons this mole worked with other political operatives inside the government to destroy Trump’s ability to govern.

The Russia investigation has since been discredited. It found that neither Trump nor any other American worked with the Russians to alter the 2016 elections. Anonymous went back into the shadows.

Anonymous may have been one of the Russia investigation’s originators. We can only speculate, since we do not know this person’s identity or office. For all we know, all the Russia roads may lead directly and inevitably to this person.

We must keep that possibility in mind as two things happen. The first is Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax. Recent reports suggest Barr is closing in on the origins of that deep state original sin. As he closes in, the House Democrats and their deep state operatives have much to fear in exposure. If exposure is in the offing, and if Anonymous is part of the Russia cabal, this person may be desperate and therefore have a strong motive to step up their attacks on Trump. It may come down to self-preservation.

The second item is the forthcoming book by Anonymous. This book promises to dish out even more dirt than the September 2018 Times op-ed. According to reports in the same corporate-leftist media that sold the Russia hoax for three years, the book will give an unvarnished and unabridged account of President Trump and his management style—from the point of view of someone who has actively undermined him from within for years.

Understand how reckless this unprecedented attack on the presidency is. The violation of trust, combined with the author hiding his or her identity, prior actions and current motives from the American public, undermines the presidency at its core. Not just Trump’s administration, but the presidency itself. If Anonymous is successful in affecting Trump’s ability to govern and retain office in next year’s elections, this person will have carried out a coup from inside the White House. This, in turn, will motivate others to engage in similar attempts to undermine future presidents. The ability to give and receive candid advice and govern will be severely impaired.

Anonymous and the book he has written should not be trusted. It comes with too many unknowns. Is Anonymous guilty of undermining Trump’s presidency since the time he was a candidate? Did this person help create or foster the Russia collusion conspiracy? Did he selectively and strategically leak to the media to create a narrative against Donald Trump that most Americans now know—but thanks to the likes of the Times, CNN and MSNBC, could not know then—was not true? Did they lie, year after year, to the president he served and to the people who elected him?

There is a book on the way in November that is the opposite of everything the tawdry Anonymous book will be. It is the book that I have been writing these past three years. Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency.

I did it differently. I walked in the front door. I promised a fair and accurate account if they would give me access. In the process, I interviewed the president and his family, on the record, in hours and hours of discussions.

Donald Trump is the most transparent president in American history and he did not disappoint. “There are two kinds of people in our government,” Jared Kushner told me. “Those who want to help Trump save the world and those who want to save the world from Trump.”

The president himself said to me, “How can you recover from some of these books? They are filled with false stories.” Where the Anonymous book may well be a self-interest driven smear engineered to cover their own crimes, my book is meticulously reported and sourced. Where the Anonymous book is dishonorable and cowardly, Inside Trump’s White House presents the real record as I experienced it first hand. My name is on it and my reputation is on the line while Anonymous purposefully lurks in the shadows of the deep state.

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About Doug Wead

Doug Wead, is author of the upcoming book, Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story of His Presidency. Wead is a New York Times bestselling author who has written more than thirty books. He has served as an adviser to two American presidents, co-authored a book with one of them and served on senior staff at the White House.

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