ABC Scrambles to Find Amy Robach Leaker After Outing the Wrong One

ABC News is still trying to discover the true identity of the employee who leaked secret audio of Amy Robach to Project Veritas, Page Six reports.

Their hunt revolves around the individual who obtained the audio of ABC’s Amy Robach going on a tirade about the network’s refusal to cover the story of Jeffrey Epstein’s first arrest. She maintains on the tape that ABC deliberately buried the story due to fear of backlash from Epstein’s most powerful connections, including former President Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom.

The tape was leaked to Project Veritas, an investigative reporting group that has exposed numerous instances of wrongdoing by political groups and news organizations through its use of secret cameras and microphones used by insiders planted within the target organization.

After the audio went viral and ABC faced heavy backlash, the network originally thought they identified the leaker as former employee Ashley Bianco, who had recently joined CBS, and ABC executives convinced CBS to fire her. Bianco came forward shortly thereafter and insisted that she was not the leaker, which only fueled even more criticism of ABC’s handling of the scandal.

According to Page Six, the leaker is still working for ABC and has begun taunting ABC higher-ups about their failure to identify the true leaker, using the alias “Ignotus.” The leaker anonymously reports that ABC has been “rifling through staff emails and news logs and grilling staffers,” and has even resorted to “isolating certain employees and putting them under pressure to turn on their colleagues.” These efforts, the leaker says, are being reported back to “the very highest levels of HR at ABC’s parent company, Disney.”