Italy Forces Students to Learn About ‘Climate Change’

The government of Italy will be implementing mandatory classes on “climate change” in school curricula next year, CNN reports.

The change is being implemented by Education Minister Lorenzo Fioramonti of the left-wing Five Star Movement party, who is an economics professor, not a climate expert. It will include up to 33 hours per year of “climate change” studies.

Fioramonti’s spokesman said that the classes will be incorporated into pre-existing civics studies. The spokesman added that “the idea is that the citizens of the future need to be ready for the climate emergency.” Fioramonti himself said that it is his intention to see the Italian education system become “the first education system that puts the environment and society at the core of everything we learn in school.”

Despite efforts in recent weeks to build up alarmist hype about alleged “global warming,” there is no evidence of a so-called “climate emergency,” as a group of 500 scientists confirmed in a letter to the United Nations earlier this year.