Morning Greatness: Sondland Remembers a QUIDPROQUO

Good Wednesday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president delivers remarks on Federal Judicial Confirmation Milestones
  • President Trump delivers remarks at Keep America Great Rally in Monroe, Louisiana

Election roundup

The tl;dr: the Kentucky governor’s race is still up in the air but Bevin (R) is down by about 5,000 votes. The GOP did well on the rest of the Kentucky Republican ticket, including a win for the first African American attorney general, Daniel Cameron (R). Keep your eye on him, he is a rising star. There’s not much talk about his victory because #inconvenientnarrative. Virginia is now entirely controlled by Democrats, which means there will be some gun control coming to the commonwealth. I will consider relocating, hasta la vista Virginia. Tate Reeves (R) won the governor’s race in Mississippi.

Election Day 2019: Key Votes in Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi
Bitter Kentucky governor race too close to call, as Democrats flip Virginia legislature
Democrats score suburban wins in warning sign for GOP
Virginia Democrats win control of both the state House and Senate
U.S. government sees no evidence of hacking in Tuesday’s elections

Derp State Hero: Sondland reverses, says there was a QUIDPROQUO

I don’t know how many times I have to say this: all foreign aid we give is a quid pro quo arrangement. We don’t just open up the American wallet and shower countries with our cash money without getting something in return. In Trump’s case, the derp state didn’t like what Trump was asking for in return: an investigation into one of their pet corrupt nations, the Ukraine. Trump’s “ask” is not illegal or unusual because the president decides our foreign policy. He has the power to decide our foreign policy. The Democrat modus operandi since the beginning of the Trump era has always been to criminalize the mundane. Trump does something that every other administration has done, the media-Democrats say it’s illegal or “breaking the norms” and then we have a scandal and a media cycle full of hot takes. A good example of this is the firing of the ambassador to the Ukraine. Every president appoints ambassadors, they are part of the executive branch controlled by the president. He can fire them at his will, he needs no reason but the Democrats are on fire, trying to sell the public on the narrative that Trump’s actions are scandalous, full of nefarious intent when Trump fired this Ukraine ambassador derp state-ette. Nope. Just business as usual.

Politico characterizes Sondland’s refreshed memory as an “explosive shift”:

Gordon Sondland, a key witness in the impeachment inquiry, revealed that he told a top Ukrainian official that hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid would “likely” be held up unless the country’s government announced investigations into President Donald Trump’s political rivals — a major reversal from his previous closed-door testimony.

Pay attention as to how that biased cesspool publication characterized Sondland’s “explosive shift,” that the Ukraine would have to announce investigations into Trump’s “political rivals.” But that’s not what Sondland’s revised testimony said. Here’s are his own words:

“After that large meeting, I now recall speaking individually with Mr. Yermak, where I said that resumption of U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anti-corruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,” Sondland wrote in his addendum, which was released alongside a nearly 400-page transcript of his testimony.

So you decide if Politico is misrepresenting Sondland: an investigation into Trump political rivals vs. a public anti-corruption statement. It’s obvious the mythology needs to be focused on an investigation into “political rivals” because most people, if not every single person, would be perfectly fine with the president if he was trying to make sure our aid money wasn’t going into the pocket of a filthy kleptocrat.

Mere days after Sondland’s conversation with Yermak, he texted to diplomat Bill Taylor that the president made it “crystal clear” there was no quid pro quo. It’s still not illegal.

Ya’ think? New DOJ memo says executive branch witnesses must be allowed to bring lawyers to testimony
My reaction is LOLGF. Republicans on Sondland impeachment bombshell: Who cares?
Idiot. Panetta: Testimony describes ‘clear definition of bribery’
House Democrats call on Mick Mulvaney to give deposition in impeachment probe; WH signals he won’t comply
McConnell says Trump would be acquitted if impeachment trial were held today
Nothing to see here, move along. Consultant For Firm Linked To Hunter Biden Sought State Department Meeting To Downplay Corruption Concerns
Graham says he won’t read the Trump impeachment transcripts
Rand Paul Says He ‘Probably Will’ Out Trump Whistleblower

PAY ATTENTION: DOD Esper doesn’t want Trump to intervene in cases of service men facing “war crime” allegations

Let me put this on your radar. SecDef Esper is going to send an information packet over the WH in order to persuade the president not to interfere with the military’s “justice” system regarding service men who are accused of war crimes. The DoD is concerned because Trump “is reportedly considering restoring the rank of former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, according to a Monday report on ‘Fox & Friends,’ the President’s favorite morning show. With Veterans Day approaching, Fox News reported that Trump could make an announcement about the three men within a week.”

Remember that Obama changed the rules of engagement during his administration so that any preemptive defensive action by our troops was considered a war crime. If a group of menacing terrorists are approaching you with advanced weaponry and RPG firepower, that’s too bad, you can’t shoot at them until they fire on you first. Good luck surviving a direct RPG hit, ask Ty Woods, oh you can’t… Thanks Obama. I can’t imagine what kind of “war crimes” for which we have locked up our military.

Esper and senior military officials want to get to Trump before he makes a decision and ensure he understands the gravity of what these soldiers have been found guilty of or, in the case of Goldsteyn, the pending charges.

Administration officials say Esper will recommend to the President that he let the Uniform Code of Military Justice prevail.

Another case of the bureaucrat industrial complex trying to reign in Trump. CNN reports that “The Pentagon is assembling the package for the President’s review because military leadership is deeply concerned that Trump does not understand the seriousness of what the soldiers are charged with, the two officials said.” Isn’t that always the excuse? Trump is dumb, he doesn’t understand. The career bureaucrats will help him understand. Give me a break.

Other morsels:
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Poll: 62% Of Trump Voters Say That There Is Nothing The President Can Do To Lose Their Support
Looks interesting. CIA staff complained about Obama White House’s political correctness, new book claims
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Roger Stone Judge Refuses To Strike Anti-Trumper From Jury Pool
INCREDIBLE. Despite vaping crisis, Americans view e-cigarettes as far more dangerous than marijuana
YIKES. Nestlé recalls cookie dough that may contain rubber pieces
North Korea, South Korea agree to end war
‘I agree with Trump.’ Florida officials refuse to pay for library’s New York Times subscription, citing ‘fake news’
Covington Catholic students’ defamation suit against Warren is dismissed
Arnold Schwarzenegger rides bikes with Greta Thunberg: She’s ‘one of my heroes
Publisher of book by ‘Anonymous’ Trump official refuses to comply with Justice Department

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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