The United States Officially Withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord

On Monday, the Trump Administration officially filed the paperwork to withdraw the United States from the widely unpopular Paris Climate Accord, Politico reports.

President Trump, fulfilling one of his major campaign promises, began the process of withdrawal in 2017; however, the Accord’s rules dictated that a nation could not formally withdraw until three years after the agreement first came into effect in 2016. The withdrawal process will be finalized and the United States will exit the deal in one year, on November 4, 2020.

In a statement on the matter, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that the Accord would impose an “unfair economic burden… on American workers, businesses, and taxpayers,” while also pointing out that “the United States has reduced all types of emissions, even as we grow our economy and ensure our citizens’ access to affordable energy.”