Taco Truck Owners Backtrack After Apologizing for Serving ICE Agents

A taco truck operating in the Buffalo, New York area came under criticism for serving customers outside an ICE facility; after apologizing for that, the owners of the truck reversed course and apologized for apologizing, NBC reports.

On October 23rd, Lloyd Taco Truck stopped at an ICE facility in Batavia, New York and began serving people outside, most of whom were ICE agents. After backlash from the far-left, the company’s owners said that “Lloyd has deep ties to the immigrant and refugee community,” and that they would “ensure future truck stops and events align with our company’s values.”

This statement triggered more widespread backlash, and the owner, Pete Cimino, backtracked and apologized once more; in a new statement, he insisted that Lloyd is “not political,” and that “we serve all communities,” while also claiming that the initial apology was “hasty” and done “too quickly.”