Reuters Reporter Slimes Washington Times in Insulting Email to Mifsud Source

Reuters reporter Mark Hosenball slimed the Washington Times Monday in an email to a source associated with Joseph Mifsud, calling the paper “not a remotely credible source” that is “owned or controlled by the Moonies.”

Joseph Mifsud is the “the mysterious Maltese Professor” who allegedly told Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails. Apparently Times investigative reporter Rowan Scarborough and Hosenball share a source associated with this key character who was central to the FBI’s Russia investigation in 2016.

Scarborough posted a portion of Hosenball’s insulting email on Twitter.

“And by the way, the Washington Times is not a remotely credible news outlet,” Hosenball wrote to the unnamed source. “Founded and still owned or controlled by Moonies … Very reliable source. See below. But I suppose you also believe that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC emails,” he added.

“Mark, thanks for your kind words and professionalism,” Scarborough wrote back sarcastically. “Let me add something that the ‘not remotely credible news outlet’ did not do.”

Scarborough then listed a number of deep state hoaxes the corporate media fell for hook, line and sinker—including the discredited Steele dossier, the nutty idea that President Trump was the Russian spy, non existent “Russian intercepts” between the Kremlin and Trump campaign, and the debunked Alfa Bank–Trump server.

“I know the MSM hates the Durham probe,” Scarborough wrote. “After all, he’s looking into something for which segments of the liberal media were complicit.”

Hosenball, it should be noted, was one of the reporters featured in the Wikileaks Podesta email releases in 2016, who actually seemed to be working for the Clinton campaign. In an email to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, Hosenball seemed very eager to share some Benghazi information that he had obtained.

I have run across a rather interesting document which outlines in detail the principal current objectives of the House Benghazi Committee, and was wondering if you might have a minute or two to discuss this. If you are anywhere near 1333 H in next day or two I might even show the document to you .. although I am reluctant to hand out copies at this stage. It is a document which raises some questions about the bona fides of the committee’s investigation, rather than anything specific a certain former SecState might have done.

“If this is something that you would not want to get involved in, if you had any alternative ideas as to who I ought to speak to, I would welcome them,” Hosenball concluded.

Thank goodness we have “credible” journalists out there like Mark Hosenball, who wouldn’t dream of being “owned or controlled” by anyone. Turns out, he’ll offer to help the right political campaign for absolutely free.

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