When Does It Count as a Coup? 

Freedom is not our norm. In the history of mankind, and even today, oppression and political corruption are the standard, with the people of more than 90 nations living without the freedom we take for granted in America.

Thomas Hobbes was right. Unless we decide, together, to live in peace under a mutually agreed upon and respected social contract, life is invariably nasty, brutish, and short

But the question for us who live in the freest nation today, is at what point would we say—with justification—that we have lost too much of our liberties and that our nation is being stolen from us right now? Would we even realize if there were a concerted attack on our freedoms? Or, like the proverbial frog in hot water, would we only work out what was going on once it was too late? 

As a warning to those who think the Left can never turn back the clock and that our freedoms always increase and never diminish, here is a warning. Not only are we living in the most divisive time in the republic’s history since the Civil War, but we are also right now witnesses to an ongoing plot to subvert the duly elected President of the United States.

Here are the incontrovertible facts:

  • Under the Obama Administration, CIA Director John Brennan and FBI Director James Comey initiated Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the first-ever counterintelligence operation in America history targeting a presidential campaign
  • During the operation, the CIA and FBI deployed multiple human intelligence assets to attempt the entrapment of members of the Trump campaign and link them to Russia. 
  • Knowing it would be illegal to spy on Americans without a crime having been committed, or without even the predicate of a crime, John Brennan circumvented the Constitution and used British intelligence to target Obama’s and Hillary Clinton’s political adversaries. 
  • Clinton and the DNC paid millions of dollars to a former British spy, Christopher Steele to manufacture an opposition research file using Russian propaganda in order to smear candidate Trump. 
  • Comey’s FBI and Loretta Lynch’s Justice Department used that propaganda dossier to obtain secret surveillance warrants illegally from the FISA courts to spy on members of the Trump campaign, illegal because the FBI and the Justice Department deliberately hid from the FISA judges exculpatory information as to the political origins of the dossier and the political agenda of Christopher Steele. 
  • The DNC itself sent a Ukrainian American, Alexandra Chalupa, to the Ukrainian embassy in D.C. to coordinate further smears against candidate Trump. 
  • The National Security Agency’s unparalleled surveillance capabilities were repeatedly abused by contractors to spy on the Trump campaign, contractors who weren’t even allowed to access NSA databases, until Obama’s NSA Director Mike Rogers took it upon himself to warn President-elect Trump of the operation against him
  • Peter Strzok, head of the FBI’s counterintelligence division, planned an “insurance policy” to knee-cap the Trump Administration should Clinton lose the election, a plan he bragged about to his mistress Lisa Page in texts over government devices. That insurance policy would become the Mueller probe.
  • After the election, General Mike Flynn, President Trump’s new national security advisor, was framed for a process crime by acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who asked Flynn to meet with his agents for an interview without warning him that he was under investigation, or warning him of his rights under interrogation, telling him he had no need for counsel during the meeting. 
  • We now know, thanks to Judicial Watch, that Obama’s Ukraine ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, illegally instructed her team in Kyiv and the State Department back in Washington, D.C. to monitor leading American journalists and conservatives, including Donald Trump, Jr., Sean Hannity, Sara Carter, John Solomon, Lou Dobbs, and this author. 

Each of the above represents a far greater crime than the bungled burglary that would become the historic Watergate scandal. Together they constitute an attempted coup for which not one person has gone to jail. For the record, 40 government officials were indicted or imprisoned after Watergate. 

But this isn’t simply about the 2016 election and candidate Trump. It is about the survival of our republic as a republic founded on the principles of its birth. 

There is only one reason that the Democrats are openly suggesting that the Electoral College be abolished, that 16-year-olds should be allowed to vote, that the Supreme Court should be packed with their nominees, that lawfully owned guns should be confiscated, and that the president should be impeached based on any and every pretext, regardless of the facts. Not only do they want to subvert this president and the will of 63 million Americans by overturning the last election, they want to make sure they never lose an election again. 

Are you willing to do whatever it takes politically to make sure that doesn’t happen? 

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