Minnesota Not-So-Nice: Trump-Supporting Women Called ‘Terrorists’ and Thrown Out of Minneapolis Cafe

Three women were thrown out of a vegan eatery in Minneapolis for wearing Trump gear earlier this month, and now one of the women says her real estate business is under siege by Trump-hating leftists. Employees at the “worker-owned” Hard Times Cafe verbally abused the pro-life Trump supporters, calling them “terrorists” and “baby killers,” before forcing them to leave.

A day before President Trump’s rally at the Target Center, Jennifer Underwood drove her two friends to a protest at the downtown office of Mayor Jacob Frey, who had tried to charge an exorbitant security fee of $530,000 to the Trump campaign. Underwood told American Greatness that she waited outside in her Chevy 2500 Silverado while about three dozen protesters, upset that the mayor had said the president’s “message of hatred” was not welcome in the city, assembled on the third floor of Minneapolis City Hall.

Frey was not in the building at the time of the protest as he was celebrating Yom Kippur with his family, according to WCCO.

“You see hundreds and hundreds of signs around Minneapolis: ‘All are welcome here.’ I think they wasted their money on those signs, because we are not welcome here. This is supposed to be a bipartisan office and his is as partisan as they come,” one of the protesters told WCCO.

Underwood, a real estate agent from Wisconsin, said when the protest was over that she and her friends wanted to find a place to get a bite to eat and to use the restroom.

Not being from Minneapolis, she took a wrong turn and instead of heading toward the Target Center, they ended up on the other side of the interstate. There, they saw a small cafe where they thought they could use the restroom, grab a bite to eat, and perk themselves up with cup of coffee.

But the moment they walked in the Hard Times Cafe wearing their MAGA hats and “Cops for Trump” tee shirts, they were made to feel profoundly unwelcome.

According to Underwood, a blond woman behind the counter immediately said “I don’t feel safe” when she and her two friends walked through the door. Underwood said she was so confused and taken aback by the woman’s reaction, she looked around to see if there were robbers behind her. Then she saw a t-shirt hanging on a wall that read: “F–k Trump.” Below the shirt, the ironic password for the cafe’s wi-fi was posted: “respect.”

“I’m afraid and don’t feel safe,” Underwood says the woman repeated.

Then a middle-aged man started calling them “terrorists and baby killers,” at which point Underwood and her friend Jennifer Kearney Pettito pulled out their cell phones and starting recording.

The blond woman told the Trump supporters that it was her business and she had the right to refuse serving them—which, of course, is true—but not in keeping with the city’s stated mission of “welcoming all.”

“How are we terrorizing you?” Pettito demanded to know.

“It don’t matter,” the man bellowed. “It don’t matter what you do. We can ask anyone to leave at any time!”

When Pettito asked why, the man repeated, “because you are a terrorist. You are a terrorist. You kill . . .”

“I kill people?” Pettito said incredulously.

“No, you terrorize people,” the man responded.

At this point, Pettito and the other Trump-supporting woman decided to unfurl the Trump flag that was in one of their bags from the protest.  While they were doing this, Underwood, still recording, protested because, as she later told American Greatness, she doesn’t like drama.

“I don’t like drama or conflict and was just stunned at what was happening,” she said. “I’m glad now that we did pull the flag out because we did need to make a stand to what they did to us,” she added.

“Here’s your terror!” Pettito exclaimed as she proudly displayed the “Reelect Trump” banner in the hostile establishment. A customer then walked up to her and poked her camera phone with a plastic fork. “Don’t touch me!” she cried.

Hounded by the hostile employees and customers, the women made their exit.

Video via Alpha News:

Underwood said they were refused entry into another restaurant that same day, but it was done more politely.

“After this incident, we were kinda ticked and decided to wave our flags,” Underwood told American Greatness. While they were walking down the street with some other Trump supporters, someone threw a full can of Pepsi at her which hit her in the ankle, exploding on contact.

Underwood posted a photo of her swollen ankle on Facebook:

Before and after the Trump rally the next day, Trump supporters were harassed and assaulted going into and leaving the venue. Among the Antifa mob assembled outside of the Target Center was a Minnesota state representative who claimed on Twitter that she had talked the mayor into ordering the police to refrain from using chemical irritants on the violent agitators.

Incredibly, even though multiple assaults were caught on tape, Minneapolis police have made no arrests for the assaults.

Underwood told American Greatness that self-identified leftists are now harassing her on Facebook and giving her realty business bad reviews, such as the ones below.

The Hard Times Cafe and its allies are accusing Underwood and her friends of purposefully staging the confrontation, saying they should have known it was a radical, left-wing establishment.

But Underwood denies that, saying she had no idea what she was walking into.

“I’m all about supporting local businesses and go to vegan places all the time,” she told American Greatness. “Honestly, I just had to pee and the other girls were hungry!”

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