Morning Greatness: Nancy, Chuck, Steny Stage a Flounce Out of the White House

Good Thursday morning.

Here is what’s on the president’s agenda today:

  • The president participates in a roundtable with supporters in Fort Worth, Texas
  • President Trump delivers remarks at a joint fundraising committee luncheon in Fort Worth, Texas
  • The president tours Louis Vuitton – Rochambeau in Alvarado, Texas
  • President Trump delivers remarks at and participates in the ribbon cutting at the Louis Vuitton Workshop – Rochambeau Opening
  • The president delivers remarks at Keep America Great Rally


Chuck, Nancy, Steny take toys, leave sandbox

On Wednesday, the Democrats went to the White House for a staged blowup. Why does Trump invite these clowns for a meeting? Everything they do is for the optics, they were going to walk out and make a scene no matter what the president said or did in the meeting. There was never going to be a good faith conversation between the Democrats and the president. The corporate media only reports the Democrats’ version of the meeting as expected. You know the drill, Trump is crazy, he’s erratic, he jumped up on the table and started performing Sugar Hill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn…

It’s all scripted, folks.

The most precious part of the entire post-flounce press conference was when a fossilized, purse-carrying Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland) started spitting up how shameful it was that President Trump treated a co-equal branch of government so disrespectfully. I.CAN’T.EVEN. you guys, I just can’t.

But House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy has a very different recounting of events. On Fox News Wednesday night, McCarthy described how the meeting started when the president handed out to the attendees a copy of the letter he wrote to Turkey’s maniac president, Erdogan. Pelosi took the letter without reading it and made a show of putting it down on the table, “to show in the president’s face, she’s not going to read it.” Like I said, no good faith meeting here. McCarthy said that Trump responded to her actions by asking, “Nancy, why are you laughing, it’s a serious item.” McCarthy went on to say that the general of the Joint Chiefs started to explain how he recommended the president remove some of our troops because they were in harm’s way but Pelosi shushed him up and ladysplained she wanted the president to speak instead. Obviously she wanted this in order for the Democrats to make a fuss about what Trump said or how Trump said it and not about the situation on the ground in Syria with the Kurds. How serious do you think the Democrats take the situation in Syria? Not very.

You can watch the McCarthy interview here, highly recommend:

War of words at the White House
Trump warned Turkish president not to be a ‘fool’ ahead of Syria offensive

The Impeachment Follies

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) allegedly will make available transcripts from the star-chamber impeachment inquiry performance art going on the House Intel. Committee (HPSCI.) Reuters is reporting:

In a letter to House colleagues, the Democratic chairman said the transcripts would be made public, subject to redactions, at some points in the future. Some Republicans have been complaining they have been unable to see transcripts.

Thanks, Adam, this is grand of you. If you haven’t picked up on it yet, this is the modus operandi of the left: a secret event happens, Democrats leak narrative-advancing agitprop, gimpy corporate media “inform” the public on what they are allowed to believe, and at some later time, primary documents are released to the public. It works for them. You can tell how effective it is by examining the complete freak out by the Democrats and their wet nurse media when A.G. Barr came out and gave the conclusions of the Mueller Fable immediately upon receipt. Barr came out to tell the public the report’s conclusions but that wasn’t the Democrats’ plan. Their plan was for Mueller’s team of subversives to hand over an unredacted copy of the report (they were asked to redact before handing it over if you remember and disobeyed) and leak the appropriate disinformation from the report while the DoJ people redacted. By the time the report was redacted and released, the media would have already jammed the appropriate thinkstory into the public’s brain. But Barr shut that down and that’s why the only play left for the Democrats was to wail and lament about the “secret” contents like grand jury testimony and classified information. So you see the pattern: secrets, leaks to broken Pulitzer-winning media figures, brainwashing, delayed release of information long forgotten about. Repeat.

Brit Hume is woke: “This proceeding behind closed doors with a multitude of leaks coming that all point basically in the same direction, which is ‘Trump’s guilty’, have been pouring out of these behind-closed-door sessions.” The Republicans don’t leak because they don’t want to get Nunes-ed with an ethics inquiry, which is a weapon the Democrats use against the Republicans but the Republicans never use against Democrats because they always “just want to move on” whenever they obtain any control.


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Your daily WTF:
Pet lion? Man sets pet lion on electrician who tried to collect pay, police say

Other morsels:
Teen suicides are increasing at an alarming pace, outstripping all other age groups, a new report says
San Francisco Expands Travel Ban to Pro-Life States
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Amazon dumps $1 million into Seattle elections
Virginia’s Anti-gun Politicians Side With Illegal Immigrants And Ignore Gun Crime
‘They’ve got no margin for error’: Biden cash crunch raises alarms
He did go all in with Theranos. Trump calls ex-Defense Secretary James Mattis ‘world’s most overrated general’
They’re always striking. Chicago teachers on strike Thursday: What you need to know about the CPS walkout
USA Today starting to ‘phase out’ print edition, report says, as publisher pushes back
Ronan Farrow says Hillary Clinton staff ‘raised concerns’ about his Weinstein reporting, ‘attempted to withdraw’ from interview for separate book
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff says Facebook must be broken up: ‘They’re after your kids’
Justice Department announces takedown of the ‘largest’ Darknet child pornography site
Sandy Hook father awarded $450,000 from defamation suit
Hong Kong protest organizer attacked with hammers and knives
Officials: Immigrant kills himself in ICE jail in Louisiana
Georgia school district reverses transgender-friendly bathroom policy amid death threats

And that’s all I’ve got, now go beat back the angry mob!

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