Una Equis: The Democrat Ticket That Might Have Been

Last month, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sued an automobile dealership for false advertising and shady credit practices. This was something of a comedown for a man who has filed more than 50 lawsuits against the Trump administration. As few may recall, Becerra’s AG post is also a demotion for a man once on Hillary Clinton’s short list as a running mate.

As Dylan Matthews of Vox noted in 2016, the Stanford-educated Mexican-American speaks perfect Spanish and can boast of 24 years in the House. On the downside, Becerra “successfully pushed Bill Clinton to commute the sentence of Carlos Vignali, a cocaine trafficker serving a 15-year federal sentence, at the behest of Vignali’s father, who donated nearly $14,000 to Becerra.” Hillary Clinton would opt for Tim Kaine, and Becerra would find himself in a different tangle.

As chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Becerra employed Pakistani IT man Imran Awan, who accessed the computers of Democrats on intelligence and foreign affairs committees. Becerra controlled the server that housed the information Awan grabbed. Awan produced a copy of the server for Capitol Police but the data proved to be false. When Sen. Kamala Harris (D.-Calif.), who got her start under Willie Brown, declared for the presidency, Becerra headed back to California as Gov. Jerry Brown’s pick for Attorney General.

Becerra still had to run for the office but Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan saw to it that nothing emerged about the IT scandal and Becerra’s handling of the server. So Becerra got voted in and, as AG, tended to look the other way at violent criminal illegals.

The Salvadoran gang MS-13 has imposed a “reign of terror” with at least 14 murders in Mendota, near Fresno, and federal officials spearheaded action against the gang. Attorney General Becerra showed up for the press conference held by U.S. Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski, but the AG made it clear he was not concerned with the gang’s “status.”

In similar style, a killing spree of 19 murders and “medieval-style violence,” by MS-13 in Los Angeles drew no special action from Attorney General Becerra. He kept busy filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, and one proved enlightening.

As this writer has noted, legal immigrants have to certify they will not become public charges. This year the Trump administration increased pressure to enforce that rule by blocking green cards for those who accept public assistance. Attorney General Becerra challenged that rule on behalf of illegals.

When he announced the suit, Becerra and California Governor Gavin Newsom displayed a chart claiming 10 million “immigrants” in California. “Immigrants” and “residents” are Democrat code for those illegally present in the United States. For years the default figure for the number in the entire country was 11 million, but 10 million in California alone is closer to the truth.

Californians have voted to limit property-tax increases (Proposition 13, 1978); bar illegals from receiving taxpayer-supported services (Proposition 187, 1994); and banned race and ethnic preferences in state education, employment, and contracting through the California Civil Rights Initiative (Proposition 209, 1996). California voters also banned bilingual education, which was really Spanish language education, through Proposition 227 in 1998.

These victories alarmed Democrats, who sought to cancel the voice of the people by importing an electorate from Mexico and Central America. In that cause, the Democrats deployed the Department of Motor Vehicles. The DMV “motor voter” program automatically registers to vote anybody who receives a driver’s license and, of course, California allows for those illegally present in the United States to get a California driver’s license. Back in 2015, Secretary of State Alex Padilla told the Los Angeles Times, “At the latest, for the 2018 election cycle, I expect millions of new voters on the rolls in the state of California,” with “new voters” being code for ineligible voters.

Padilla said the DMV kept “firewalls” in place but didn’t explain how many ineligible voters the firewalls had actually blocked. Padilla had to know how many non-citizens voted in November 2016, but he refused to release that information to a federal voter-fraud probe.

True to form, by March, 2018, more than one million “undocumented” immigrants received driver’s licenses from the state DMV, which automatically registered them to vote under the “motor voter” program. So the millions of new voters Padilla expected in 2018 are indeed on the rolls, thanks to the 10 million “immigrants” in the state, probably a low figure. They get in-state tuition, welfare, and driver’s licenses. Not only that, Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed a bill that gives them government-paid health care.

For his part, Attorney General Xavier Becerra enforces the sanctuary law and sees to it that illegals are not deported. This policy protects even cop-killers like Pablo Virgen Mendoza, the gang-affiliated Mexican national who gunned down police officer Ronil Singh, a legal immigrant from Fiji. So all told, AG Becerra would have been a good fit for Hillary Clinton.

“After all,” the former First Lady explained in her 2014 Hard Choices, “much of the southwestern part of the United States once belonged to Mexico and decades of immigration have only strengthened the familial and cultural ties between our nations.”

Clinton liked Becerra but opted for Tim Kaine. Becerra took the demotion and now protects criminals and sues car dealerships. Call him “Una Equis.” Stay corrupt my friend.

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About Lloyd Billingsley

Lloyd Billingsley is the author of Hollywood Party and other books including Bill of Writes and Barack ‘em Up: A Literary Investigation. His journalism has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Spectator (London) and many other publications. Billingsley serves as a policy fellow with the Independent Institute.

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