USCIS Wants to Disclose Personal Information of Criminal Illegal Aliens

Ken Cuccinelli, Director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, wants to publish the personal information of illegal aliens who are facing criminal charges, according to the Daily Caller.

Cuccinelli apparently made the request in a memo to the Department of Homeland Security, asking DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan “for the ability to disclose certain information about individuals, such as their birth dates, whether they were admitted as refugees or were given asylum status,” and “the date when an asylum application was granted,” among other details.

Cuccinelli argued in the memo that being unable to publish such information harmed the prosecutorial efforts against such criminals, saying that publishing this “information to courts and in press materials” would more greatly benefit “national security or public safety.”

The decision to disclose such information ultimately rests with Secretary McAleenan himself, and the Caller states that it is unknown at this time whether or not “McAleenan has acquiesced to Cuccinelli’s request.”