New York Times Ends its Spanish-Language Version

The New York Times announced Tuesday that it would be shutting down its Spanish-language version, NYT en Espanol, according to The Hill.

A spokesperson for the Times confirmed to The Hill that the publication had “discontinued NYT en Espanol as a separate, standalone operation” after it had launched three years prior, admitting that “it did not prove financially successful.”

NYT en Espanol’s editor Paulina Chavira defended the work of the now-defunct branch of the Times, saying that it had “published over 900 opinion articles and 100 additional original articles,” and stated her belief that “writing in Spanish is always a good business decision…and time will prove it.”

The Times spokesperson additionally reiterated that the shutdown of NYT en Espanol would “not affect coverage of Latin America,” which will continue operation with staffers located in “Medellin, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro.”