Illegal Alien Deported After Holding Pro-Immigration Town Hall

An illegal alien activist who has actively aided other illegal aliens has been deported after organizing an immigration town hall to which he invited representatives from ICE, Hot Air reports.

Roland Gramajo, a Guatemalan immigrant who was residing in Houston, Texas, has been “a vocal activist in support of the Guatemalan community” and has even assisted other illegals “with translations and locating legal services where required.” To this end, he organized a town hall and invited members of the community, including members of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

But several weeks after the town hall, Gramajo was arrested and faces deportation back to Guatemala. The New York Times further reports that Gramajo had been in the country illegally for 15 years, during which time he had “no contact from ICE.”

The Times report claims that Gramajo’s deportation is indicative of a broader trend of the Trump Administration “targeting advocates as part of its crackdown on illegal immigration.” Hot Air notes a similar case of another illegal alien activist, Jose Antonio Vargas, being similarly arrested and deported back in 2014.