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Why You Can’t Say ‘Eat Me!’ to a Leftist Anymore

There’s nothing funny about the Left’s regressive agenda of atheism, socialism, earth worship and now, evidently, cannibalism.

Some consider strenuous objections to the climate cult and its aims to be half-baked. Though peppered with invective, we critics who know the Left and who are embroiled in this issue have warned that the climate cult will ban plastic straws today and you tomorrow. Bluntly, these postmodern Malthusians insanely hold that the greatest threat to Goddess Gaia’s green earth is . . . you.

That’s why the Left’s climate cult’s scam entails political fearmongering—sending out their bogus SOS that we have less than 12 years to live unless we become socialism-loving serfs. The climate cult is bent upon herding a scared citizenry to relinquishing its liberty, standard of living, and lives.

Now, who’s fearmongering? Not me.

Dr. Magnus Söderlund is. And he believes in climate change.

Per the behavioral scientist’s bio, Söderlund is a “professor of Marketing and Head of the Center for Consumer Marketing (CCM) at the Stockholm School of Economics . . . His current research interests comprise customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and service encounters.”

Thus, unlike so many who think their membership in the climate change cult mystically blesses them with the ability to discourse as an expert on any subject, you would think Söderlund is well schooled in how to market climate change for maximum appeal.

Hence, per the Epoch Times’ Celia Farber, Söderlund appeared at the Stockholm’s Gastro Summit and on state-run (naturally) Swedish television to promote a novel solution to climate change: “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?”

If you ever want to work in Hollywood with “Will & Grace,” the best way to avoid appearing conservative is to be an actual cannibal.

Yes, according to the less-than-good doctor, the climate cult’s approved menu includes—and could well be limited to—the “Food of The Future: Worms, Grasshoppers, or Human Flesh.”

And you thought the climate cult wanted everyone to be vegans. Wrong! The alarmingly “woke” Söderlund wants to “awaken the idea” of chowing down on what’s left of your cousin Larry for the health of the planet, if not for that of cousin Larry.

Overcoming “Conservative” Taboos

It is tempting to say Söderlund, who co-authored the 2010 article “The “Killer” Ad: An Assessment of Advertising Violence” and “The Homicidal Effect: Investigating Murder as a Fitness Signal,” is wryly conducting a behavioral experiment to see if there are ways to market even such a taboo topic as cannibalism. If this is an experiment, it is regrettably bearing fruit. Again, as Farber notes, the idea is actually being taken seriously: “describing this new debate, the term “mannisko-kötts branschen” is introduced. This means ‘the human flesh industry.’”

As Andrew Breitbart cannily noted, the Left tar every industry they loathe “big [insert victim].” So how long until those of us who are left to hear it will have our ears assaulted with cries from the Left decrying “Big Meat”? Not soon enough for the climate cultists’ progressive agenda, due to what Söderlund decries as “conservative” taboos.

And let’s not dance around the subject. It is a conservative taboo. As a conservative and recovering politician, I must admit to having thrown red meat to the base; however, that red meat wasn’t human.

Others aren’t so picky. Just as the regressive Left does with every item on its insane agenda, Söderlund takes an insidiously incremental approach to destroying civilization. His goal is to have people think the unthinkable; then “progress” to possibly committing the unthinkable—but only just a taste—and, ultimately, after enough people have nibbled, demand the societal acceptance of the unthinkable as normal. After all, once a cannibal, always a cannibal. And folks don’t like to be stigmatized. In the Leftist mind, nothing is abnormal so everything is normal. Hence, in the world of “No Normal,” everything goes; and, as it does, demand not tolerance, but acceptance—unless the tyrannical government says otherwise.

Note the hubris of the leftist apparent in his rhetorical question, “Can consumers be tricked into making the right decisions?” To date, the results from his bag of tricks are, he claims, 8 percent of his conference attendees would take a bite out of Wallander casserole.

As for Farber, he admits to being less than eager to seize the chance: “I feel somewhat hesitant but to not appear overly conservative . . . I’d have to say . . . I’d be open to at least tasting it.” Maybe if it was a sliver of Beck  smooshed into a Swedish meatball?

“Laughing Death,” Anyone?

Note, too, amidst the media madness in the age of Orange Man Bad, if you ever want to work in Hollywood with “Will & Grace,” the best way to avoid appearing conservative is to be an actual cannibal.

Evidently, too, there is no better way to answer Söderlund’s challenge—“Are we humans too selfish to live sustainably?”—than to be a socialist cannibal.

And, as for another of his queries—“Does Generation Z have the answers to our food challenges?”—the answer is yes, if they are organic and served tartare on the half shell.

Though the climate cult’s discussion of cannibalism is no longer rare, there remains the question of whether civilization’s goose is cooked. As is often the case, reality and practical consideration may once again thwart the Left’s esoteric aims; and prevent the climate cult from bringing us to the brink of civilization’s Waterloo.

As Farber notes, being a doctor of something other than medicine leaves Söderlund long on tricks to surmounting those pesky “conservative” taboos but short on how to overcome the medical barriers to noshing your neighbor. If you thought mad cow disease sucked, there’s nothing funny about a bout of the “laughing death” (kuru).

There’s nothing funny about the Left’s regressive agenda of atheism, socialism, earth worship and now cannibalism. For those climate cultists who inanely argue otherwise, pardon my salty language, but once upon a time I’d have told them to “eat me.” No longer.

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