North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Vetoes Bill Requiring Local Authorities to Cooperate with ICE

Governor Roy Cooper (D-N.C.) vetoed a bill on Wednesday that would require local law enforcement to work more closely with federal authorities to detain illegal aliens, according to Fox News.

The move generated swift condemnation from the state’s Republicans, who control both houses of the legislature, with some vowing to hold a subsequent vote to override his veto.

“Governor Cooper…prefers to pander to his far-left supporters,” said State Senator Chuck Edwards. “We will protect North Carolinians and plan to override his irresponsible veto.” Cooper defended his veto by claiming that the bill was “simply about scoring partisan points and using fear to divide North Carolina.”

This tense exchange comes in the midst of the ongoing national debate over “sanctuaries” for illegal aliens all across the country. Some states have committed wholly to becoming sanctuary states, such as California, while others are simply “sanctuary counties,” such as Montgomery County, Maryland.

Cooper is one of only three Democratic governors up for re-election in 2020. He was first elected in 2016, when he narrowly defeated incumbent Republican Pat McCrory by a 0.2 percent margin, which was just slightly over 10,000 votes. Some consider North Carolina to be a swing state, although Republicans hold the majority of state legislative seats, U.S. House seats, and both Senate seats. President Donald Trump won the state over Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) by just over 3 points in 2016.