Required Reading – August 4

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Carney: U.S. Added 164,000 Jobs in July

“The U.S. economy added 164,000 jobs in July and unemployment held steady at 3.7 percent. Economists surveyed by Econoday had forecast a gain of 151,000 for July and for unemployment to decline slightly to 3.6 percent.”

Read more at Breitbart.

Raleigh: How China Tries To Take Its Totalitarian Social Control Tactics Global

“Christy Leung is a 21-year-old college student from Hong Kong. She feels threatened by Chinese censorship these days — but she doesn’t even live in Hong Kong right now. Instead, she attends the University of Queensland in Australia. Recently, when she and other students from Hong Kong organized a peaceful rally on campus to support the anti-extradition bill protesters in Hong Kong, they were met by a pro-Beijing counterprotest. A video shows some of the Chinese nationalists resorted to physical violence in order to shut down students from Hong Kong. According to a New York Times report, “A student from Hong Kong [was] being grabbed by the throat,” and a “counter protester [threw] a Hong Kong student’s megaphone aside.” imilar confrontations between Hong Kong students and pro-Beijing Chinese nationalists (including students and nonstudents) occurred at the University of Auckland in New Zealand this week. A Chinese male student shoved Sarah Lee, a female student from Hong Kong, causing her to fall to the ground. Few of us could have ever imagined that a student’s right to free speech would be violently challenged in this way on college campuses in Western democracies such as Australia and New Zealand. Yet

these recent incidents are a chilling reminder of the long arms of Chinese censorship and its effects on Western education institutions. College campuses unfortunately have become the new battlefront. Hubris: China Tries to Control Non-Chinese Speech The Chinese Communist Party’s . . .”

Read more at The Federalist.

Horvatt II:  Abolishing Motherhood, Turning Women into ‘Gestators’: A Feminist Vision Against Family

“The present manifestations of feminism are mere phases of a process that seeks the annihilation of women. It seems a contradiction. Feminism claims to glorify women and their accomplishments. Women’s Studies department worldwide are supposedly dedicated to the study of women’s achievements and the denouncing of the “oppression” they have suffered over the ages. However, avant-garde feminists reveal the true nature of their nihilistic creed. They desire the destruction of all that was once considered to be female. They claim the feminine ideal is a social construct that inhibits and restrains women from being whatever they want to be. […] . . .  some feminists target the sublime and intimate bond between mother and child as oppressive. It too must be destroyed. Sophie Lewis, a British social theorist, has, for example, just published “Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family.”  It is a radical assault on the family from a Marxist perspective that takes the feminist attack on the feminine to unfathomable depths.”

Read more at CNS News.

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