WATCH: Jim Jordan Asks Mueller Why Joseph Mifsud Wasn’t Charged With a Lying to the Feds

On Wednesday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) questioned Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a House Judiciary Committee about the curious decision not to charge Joseph Mifsud with lying to the FBI. Mifsud is a Maltese diplomat who has associations with western intelligence agencies, Western think tanks and the U.S. State Department.

Jordan points out that Mifsud lied to the investigators three times and, more importantly, is the person who allegedly kicked-off the entire Russia-collusion investigation by telling George Papadopoulos that the Russians had dirt on Hillary. He seems like such a central figure of importance to the Russian election interference investigation, so why no charges for lying?

Explained Jordan:

Joseph Mifsud is the … mysterious professor who lives in Rome and London. Works and teaches at two different universities. This is the guy who told Papadopoulos. He’s the guy who starts it all. And when the FBI interviews him, he lies three times and yet you don’t charge him with a crime. You charge Rick Gates for false statements. You charge Paul Manafort for false statements. You charge Michael Cohen with false statements. You charge Michael Flynn, a three star general with false statements. But the guy who puts the country through this whole saga starts it all for three years we’ve lived this now–he lies and you guys don’t charge him. And I’m curious as to why.


Mueller did not have an answer.

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