Are the Democrats Rooting for Iran?

Trump Derangement Syndrome sure makes Democrats do some pretty crazy things. In 2018, for example, the president’s one-year anniversary in office triggered protesters to the point of screaming helplessly at the sky. And who could forget the collective meltdown leftists experienced following the nomination and subsequent confirmation of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh?

But now, Democrats have taken this insanity one step further, siding with Iran—the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism—for the sole purpose of damaging President Trump.

As Iran has repeatedly attempted to provoke the West into a military confrontation over the past month, tensions between the United States and the Islamic Republic have reached critical mass. On June 13, Iran reportedly attacked two foreign oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz, an area controlled by the United States and its allies to ensure the free flow of commerce.

Then, on June 20, Iran shot down a U.S. military drone flying in international air space in the same region. It’s important to note that despite Iran’s belligerent behavior, we have not carried out a retaliatory response.

But that hasn’t stopped Iran from proclaiming (without evidence) that it’s actually America that has engaged in “aggressive and provocative action.” It seems to be using the tried-and-true misinformation technique of accusing your opponent of that which you are most guilty. Unfortunately, it seems to be working for now.

Quick to criticize the president’s administration for any perceived error, Democrats readily accepted the narrative hand-fed to them by one of our nation’s largest Middle East adversaries. Leading the charge on this front was Representative Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). One of the supposed “fresh faces” of the Democratic Party, Omar leaped at the opportunity to follow Iran’s lead, immediately shifting blame toward the United States.

On June 20, Omar tweeted, “American leaders have contrived pretexts to justify American aggression. That’s what Donald Trump’s administration—and especially its national security adviser, John Bolton—is doing now with Iran.”

Others in her party swiftly followed suit, adopting the position that America, not Iran, was responsible for escalating tension in the Middle East. Most notably, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) lashed out at the president, claiming Trump had “instigated another unnecessary conflict” and that “[t]here is no justification for further escalating this crisis.”

The Democratic Party’s wanton spread of misinformation is reckless and feeds into the overall goal of our adversaries: to weaken America’s potential response by sowing internal division. By seizing every opportunity to attack the current administration over imagined missteps, liberals are creating ideological divides within nonpartisan issues.

In its approach to dealing with the world’s leading sponsor of terror, our country needs to be united. Yet sadly, their party’s drive to secure a political win is greater than their desire to keep the country safe.

It’s not the first time Democrats have pulled this stunt, either. Recently, in a similar fashion, Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.) attempted to derail the administration’s Launch Service Agreement (LSA). Spearheaded by the Air Force, the LSA program would let the United States develop domestic launch vehicles to secure America’s place in space—undoubtedly important to our nation’s security interests.

Because the Trump Administration promotes this program, Democrats reflexively had to fight it. Without evidence, Smith labeled the initiative as unfair and attempted to hamstring its progress with laborious congressional investigations. And even after the Air Force decided to push forward with the project, Smith tried to obstruct it legislatively.

This pattern of behavior is typical with members of #TheResistance. Regardless of the potential consequences for the rest of the nation, they’ll fight the president’s every move.

And it only seems to be getting worse. The Left’s ridiculous inclination to side with Iran is just another clear illustration of how far they’ve detached from reality. Apparently, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a progressive condition. We shouldn’t trust Democrats to make national security decisions anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Iranian Presidency / Handout/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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