Trump to Announce Executive Order on Citizenship Question

A White House official says that President Trump will announce an executive action regarding the citizenship question he intends to include on the 2020 census.

The action is expected to address the citizenship question that the Supreme Court recently blocked the administration from adding to the 2020 census. Trump tweeted that he will hold a news conference in the afternoon “on the Census and Citizenship.”

White House officials declined to discuss the content of the executive action, but said it may not be a full-blown executive order.

The Hill also reports that any executive action would be met with a plethora of lawsuits. No surprise.

After the Supreme Court told the Trump Administration to come back with a better reason for including the question, administration officials said they would move forward printing the census without the question. President Trump publicly contradicted that when spoke to reporters announcing: “They’re spending 15 [billion] to 20 billion dollars on a census,” Trump told reporters on Sunday. “They’re asking everything except, ‘Are you a citizen of the United States?’ How ridiculous is that? So we are moving forward. We have a couple of avenues.”

Watch Senator Ted Cruz explain why it is constitutional to have a citizenship question on the census.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EIJ42inH0I]