Where Were the Fact Checkers?

The first two Democratic “debates” were both flawed and MSNBC and NBC did a poor job managing them. But the amazing thing about the two-night show was the complete lack of fact checking by the “moderators.” 

It went without challenge that the economy is worse today than under Obama, for example. That’s a bald-faced lie. In fact if every lie spouted by the candidates had been challenged the debates would still be going on. 

Healthcare, the economy, and civil rights were portrayed by the candidates in ways that evoked only a fictional version of reality. Democrats alleged President Trump passed a tax cut only for the hated 1 percent, when in fact it benefited the vast majority of Americans. Following the law and denying entry to illegal aliens was accepted as an evil to be eradicated. Heck, we’re are all just citizens of the world, right?  

It shouldn’t be a surprise when major networks follow the Left’s narrative of the day with a religious zeal. After all, when reporting “news” we know that they are careful to omit actual facts when they conflict with the version of reality they would prefer to see. The lowest levels of Hispanic and black unemployment in decades?  Well that doesn’t square with their idea that President Trump is a racist, does it?

The real problem isn’t just that Democrats are out of touch with reality and with the majority of Americans; it is, rather, that the media is so political that they genuinely seem unaware of reality. 

No wonder polls are so skewed. President Trump stopped a reprisal attack on Iran because of his concern about civilian casualties. Very few credited him with restraint while the rest challenged his mental fitness to be president.

How can we engage in political discourse with people so out of touch with reality? When supposedly serious people are tossing around comparisons of border security measures to concentration camps? 

The lies go on and on and the “free” press needs to be held accountable. It’s true we need a media to keep our nation free, but when the media only serves one side as it has been doing for decades, it becomes detached and almost deranged. The good a free and independent media does for a nation is being denied to the American people because our corporate leftist media is now populated by people who see opposition political discourse as “hate speech.”  

Tech Giants, moreover, seem united to suppress conservative content and promote socialist thought. Jimmy Carter, arguably the worst president ever, now claims Donald Trump wasn’t actually elected. It all goes back to 2016, when Hillary lost and Democrats had to invent the Russian collusion narrative to explain what happened. Reality depends on what “is” is, I suppose. 

One would hope that low ratings might bring network news back to actual reality, but so far they only seem to be digging in. I would hope that there might be a few sane and honest voices in media, even if they are left of center, willing to speak up and insist upon factual and fair reporting. But I will not be holding my breath waiting for that to happen. 

In the meantime, Republicans would do well to consider: Do they really want to subject themselves to the insult of being fact-checked by people such as these?

Photo credit: iStock/Getty Images

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