Beto Has Flash, Lots of Trust Fund Cash, and Little Else

Why was Robert O’Rourke—”The Beto,” as I like to call him—even on Wednesday night’s “debate” stage in Miami? How was it a debate when everyone there—including the moderators!—peddles almost identical anti-American and anti-nationalist policies? 

Answer: because The Beto is a creation of the Democrat Media Industrial Complex (DMIC). He is a kind of political Chia Pet: water him, nurture, cultivate, and voila, you have a liberal “icon.” Watch the vintage Chia Pet commercial, and insert The Beto’s name in the narration. Cha-cha-cha-chia! The-the-the-Beto!

The last person to make so much something out of so much nothing was God. 

Let’s review the events that got The Beto to the “debate” stage this week, in no particular order.  

The day after he announced his candidacy for 2020, The Beto appeared on “CBS This Morning.” Host Gayle King asked predictable peanut butter and fluff questions about Russian collusion—President Trump “tried” to collude with Russia, The Beto insisted—and whether he’s at a diversity disadvantage due to his Caucasian-colored XY chromosomes at birth. He doesn’t think he is, thank God!

Now, imagine if King had asked something like the following: 

  • “Beto, you’ve never won a competitive race; why do you believe the majority of people in the majority of states will want your political and policy proposals?” 
  • “Why do you believe a corn farmer in Nebraska, or a coal miner in Ohio, or Texans, who rejected your policies in November, would vote for you?” (In fairness to King, she touched upon the Lone Star State question, but a follow-up was warranted.) 
  • “You said El Paso, where you served as city councilman and congressman, represents the best of America. Would you consider a Congressional district whose voters have elected only Democrats for the last 19,000 consecutive days to be diverse?”
  • “How did you make your money? How about we investigate all your finances, just to ensure that you’re not a puppet of Vladimir Putin?”

Media Collusion
We’ll never get those questions, apparently. After Joe Hagan, in his Vanity Fair profile of The Beto in March, got done praising Beto for turning his bitter-tasting tap water into a syrah—fruity, with a slight hint of dryness—he penned the following: “Whether onstage or on Facebook Live or in person, O’Rourke has a preternatural ease.”

Preternatural ease? Barf meets LOL. Whiskey tango foxtrot does that even mean? He also touted his bipartisanship to Hagan, which is what all Democrat politicians do when campaigning, but I know that bipartisanship is the gateway drug to tyranny. 

I wonder if Hagan still believes his balderdash after The Beto’s bilingual fail in his first presidential “debate.” 

The organic, free-trade cherry on top, however, was the revelation that Reuters reporter Joseph Menn made a deal with The Beto during his campaign to unseat Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to withhold his involvement in a hacking group called the Cult of the Dead Cow. Reuters has since revealed the cover-up. 

As a former journalist, I had to make decisions all the time about whether a particular fact was pertinent to the story. Was The Beto’s hacktivism a “newsworthy” fact? That is, perhaps, a subjective question; what’s not subjective, however, is that a subject’s background is never off the record—only statements are. Had Menn omitted that fact due to a belief that it was irrelevant, he could have been at least forgiven somewhat. What should alarm everyone, though, is that Menn colluded with the candidate to protect his wannabe RFK image—as any good publicist would. 

The Making of a Democrat “Icon”
If there had been a DMIC 2018 midterms also-ran MVP trophy, The Beto undoubtedly would have been the recipient; the DMIC keeps telling us how impressive his loss was. 

But who is this guy, really? 

Here’s the skinny on Robert Francis O’Rourke: he’s an affluent, privileged white Democrat male with a $9 million net worth, who sells the usual Marxist gobbledygook about “income inequality,” “inequity” and “walls don’t save lives,” even though he had a tall, thick fence protecting him a few months ago during his Beto-palooza rally, where he spoke Spanish—foreshadowing the “highlight” of his debate performance this week. 

O’Rourke married into a family with an estimated net worth of $500 million. In short, his political career was made possible through the riches of his wife, much like John Kerry, John McCain, and so many others before him. (Yet the Trump kids are maligned as benefitting from nepotism.)

The “White Obama”
Where have we seen this before? A young, “charismatic” peddler of fundamental transformation who comes out of nowhere, to be the hero Gotham needs, but doesn’t deserve—especially among the youth? The Beto has been heralded as the “white Obama,” an assessment with which the half-white President Obama concurred.

The Beto inserted himself into the mix because he believes his candidacy is sexy to America’s young voters. Remember: those most susceptible to the Marxism of class warfare, led by billionaires, are other affluent whites who overwhelmingly vote Democrat, as well as young people. His agitprop sells, and should not be underestimated even if his candidacy is foundering at the moment. 

Millennials are the largest generation in America’s electorate, and, any day now, will surpass the Baby Boomer generation as the largest potential voting bloc; at this time, they must be categorized as “potential” because Millennial turnout has historically been low, although it’s trending upward. 

Add Generation Z (or whatever they end up being called) into the Millennial mix, and the soon-to-be largest voting bloc in U.S. history will be young adults and 30-somethings who have been socially engineered into loving Communism, “free stuff,” hugging terrorists, “no human is illegal,” judicial activism, open borders, erosion of guaranteed constitutional rights and aborting babies on the day of delivery—only the finer things in life. 

The chickens of decades of leftist social engineering of our youth, in public education, colleges and universities, and mass media, are now coming home to roost.

The Beto, like most of the Democrat species, has nothing of substance to say. I wonder if the rest of the declared 2020 Leninist Democrats have been green with envy over the fawning media coverage he’s thus far received. Baby, The Beto was born to run! Here’s hoping his destiny is another loss. 

Photo credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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