The Continuing Border Crisis

Apparently, now it’s permissible to acknowledge we have a crisis on our southern border. That information, just a few months ago, was news to many on the Left. Their erstwhile leaders and many in the corporate leftist media said there was no crisis, that it was manufactured, phony, imaginary, but certainly not real. 

One of the first responses of rational people is simply to ask, “Were they lying then or lying now?” I know most on the Left abandoned rational thought a long time ago, but it would be nice for someone at least to ask that question. 

The situation on the border was a crisis before the Democrats recognized it and it’s an even greater crisis now. Because Democrats have refused to provide more funding for beds at detention centers, or funding for ICE and the Border Patrol, and refused to deal with fixing the asylum loopholes, the situation has deteriorated. Congress has now passed a $4.6 billion dollar emergency humanitarian spending bill to put a bandaid over the meltdown taking place on the border, but you can rest assured it will likely do nothing that actually fixes the problem.

In a world governed by common sense, which is not the one inhabited by Democrats, there would be a wall on the southern border and we would do everything possible to discourage uninvited foreigners from making the arduous journey to get there. The southern border would be sealed. People wouldn’t be coming here if they knew there was no chance of illegal entry. We wouldn’t even be having the debate about detention centers because we might not even need them if the southern border were sealed. But that would all be too rational. 

Now we find out from Bloomberg one of the reasons we’re seeing such an increase in illegal immigration: the northern triangle countries are intentionally exporting their poor, encouraging immigration north. Why, you ask? Because that’s all part of those countries’ economic plans: invest as little money as possible into social welfare programs, and encourage the poor to leave and voilà! American taxpayers will be the suckers to pick up the tab.

So we have countries systematically sending us their poor, Democrats refusing actually to craft long term solutions, and now we have Flappy Hands O’Rourke tweeting pictures of drowned illegals and blaming Trump for the crisis. Trump is precisely the last person responsible for this crisis. If anyone should be blamed it’s the wall deniers who have blood on their hands. By leaving our borders wide open and demonstrating no will to discourage illegal entry, we are begging for this to happen. We are daring people to engage in risky behavior, begging for people to be abused by the coyotes and cartels. 

The situation on the southern border is immoral, and it’s brought about by the immorality of our elected officials on Capitol Hill. 

It is the moral imperative, first and foremost, of every elected official to prioritize and protect the interests of the American people. But this seems not to be a concept most in Washington can begin to comprehend. No one in his right mind can argue that what is taking place on the border right now is to the benefit of the American people, the American taxpayer and worker, morally or otherwise. And it certainly can’t be argued that it’s a good situation for the people languishing in humane yet overcrowded and underfunded detention centers.

Yet the answer to the crisis from many running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 is not to try to curtail it. Oh, no! It’s to incentivize even more of it by changing attempts at illegally crossing to civil offenses on the level of a parking ticket. 

And consider this: we hear about all kinds of free stuff, like Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, free college, a universal basic income, reparations, all of which cost somewhere around $150 trillion, give or take a few trillion. But somehow, magically, Democrats can’t find any real money for the thing they’re now admitting is a big problem. They can be shamed into a $4.6 billion emergency package, but $25 billion for a wall? More funding for ICE and the Border Patrol? Don’t be ridiculous.

Their solution for solving the crisis on the southern border has nothing to do with sealing it and protecting the interests of the American people or our national sovereignty and security. Their solution involves trying to find a way to secure open borders and defy President Trump, pure and simple. 

If anyone thought that perhaps the Democratic Party had any interest in the continuation of our constitutional republic, this should remove all doubt. They want to abandon physical enforceable borders which means there is no national sovereignty. And if there is no national sovereignty—if our elected officials cannot, will not, take measures actually to govern our borders and decide who is coming in and who is not—we will have ceased to be a self-governing people.

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About Ned Ryun

Ned Ryun is a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the founder and CEO of American Majority. You can find him on Twitter @nedryun.