Required Reading – June 28 Afternoon Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Fischer: The Myth and Fraud That There Ever Was an Arab Country or People Called ‘Palestine’

“In a recent Nazi outrage, Rashida Tlaib, Democrat Liar of Michigan, stated that the Holocaust has had a ‘calming’ effect on her because the ‘Palestinians’ ‘welcomed’ the Jews into ‘their’ land as a haven from Hitler. The Big Lie — in so many dimensions. New to the fray, South Bend Mayor Buttigieg — an expert on world affairs though still unable to maintain civil equanimity in his own city where African Americans are furious over a recent police shooting — has announced that, if Israel ever extends sovereignty into any part of Judea or Samaria, he will cut off aid to Israel accordingly if he is elected President. Others on the same bandwagon: Robert O’Rourke, a Scottish-Irish skateboarder best known for break-ins, drunk driving, computer hacking, faking Hispanic heritage, and having his ear hairs cut. Bernie Sanders, an American Communist. What these and their ilk all have in common is that they each see nothing anti-Semitic in anything that Ilhan Abdullahi Omar or Rashida Tlaib has written or spoken, but they are unable to tolerate Jewish life in Judea and Samaria. Even true friends of Israel in Washington, D.C. like Sen. Lindsey Graham have succumbed to decades of the Biggest Mideast Lie: . . .”

Read more at Spectator.

WALSH: Viral Photo Shows A Father And Daughter Who Drowned Crossing The Border. The Story Behind The Image Proves Why We Need A Wall.

“The Left has attempted to use the image to make its case for open borders. We are told that, somehow, this is Trump’s fault. It’s the GOP’s fault. ‘This message brought to you by the Republican Party,’ a progressive group captioned the photo. But the story behind the image, as reported by Daily Mail and New York Magazine, reveals that this calamity was not at all brought on by strict immigration enforcement. The opposite is the case.”

Read more at Daily Wire.

Concha: MSNBC’s Deutsch: ‘Don’t see anyone’ at first Democratic debate who would beat Trump

“MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch said that in his ‘heart of hearts,’ he didn’t see ‘see anybody’ on stage during the night of the Democratic presidential debates who would beat Donald Trump” prompting stiff pushback from fellow host Lawrence O’Donnell. […]  ‘I think she’s delightful, I think she’s wonderful. I’m a big fan,’ Deutsch continued, referring to the Massachusetts senator. ‘I just don’t think she has what it takes to beat this president. The same way, at least, an idealized version of Joe Biden is. Don’t shoot the messenger. It’s just facts. We’ve got to get Trump out.'”

Read more at The Hill.

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