Required Reading – June 21 Evening Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Hoft: EXCLUSIVE: Corrupt Clinton Foundation Foreign Policy Director Amitabh Desai Disappears

“Over the past decade the Clinton Foundation’s Amitabh Desai was very active capturing money for the Foundation.  The far left New York Times even commented on this when Desai was involved in a transaction with Russia: . . . But this was not Desai’s first clandestine transaction for the Foundation.  In 2011 it was reported that – . . . The government of Qatar got in the act for a quick million dollars with Desai in  2012  – . . . In 2012 Desai was involved with Hillary Clinton’s brother, the recently deceased Tony Rodham, and North Korea.  It was family time for the Clintons and Desai – . . . Amitabh Desai was involved in many more illicit transactions related to the Clinton Foundation.  He worked with Bill Clinton trying to reach agreement with the State Department to give a speech in Congo, to the poorest country in the world, for $650,000. Desai received emails from Cheryl Mills that contained classified information. He worked with Libya’s President . . .”

Read more at The Gateway Pundit.

Michel: With Crony Tax Bill, Democrats Are Doing Their Level Best to Revive the Swamp

“Congressional Democrats are taking the lead to renew a list of long-dead tax subsidies at the behest of powerful corporate lobbyists. Their plan is to attach the long–sought-after corporate tax subsidies—called “tax extenders”—to a bill that expands welfare spending. How to pay for it? They plan to cover about a quarter of it by raising the estate tax. The rest would be added to the already-massive federal deficit. […] The estate tax is an unnecessary burden on family-owned businesses that slows economic growth and investment, and contributes to large compliance burdens, which the wealthiest families are often able to plan around anyway. This tax should be fully repealed, not expanded.  […] The extenders are little more than a giant gift from taxpayers to corporations—a misuse of taxpayer money. Reviving these currently-dead tax extenders would hand a win to the swamp.”

Read more at Daily Signal.

Hemmingway: If Media Don’t Want To Be Called Propagandists, They Need To Stop Publishing Chinese and Russian Propaganda

“If you ever spend any time in the Washington D.C. area, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a publication known as China Daily. In appearance, it’s a newspaper. In reality, it is official propaganda from the Chinese government that Communist Party officials deem appropriate for influencing those inside the Beltway. You can find it all over downtown D.C. in newspaper boxes. Large stacks of free copies are also dropped off directly at offices all over the city. Even better, if you subscribe to the Washington Post, you can get communist propaganda delivered straight to your doorstep for a fee. A few times a year, the Post comes wrapped in a special advertising supplement called China Watch that, again, does its best to approximate a legitimate newspaper. But underneath the masthead in fine print, it reads: “This supplement, prepared by China Daily, People’s Republic of China, did not involve the news or editorial departments of the Washington Post.” Anyway, you may have recently heard about how two million people out of a population of seven million in Hong Kong recently protested in the streets against the Communist Party’s attempt to further snuff out their little pocket of freedom. Here’s how China Daily is reporting what happened: . . . The whole article is a damnable lie, and yet, as far as I know, the brave truth-tellers at the Washington Post have been taking money to distribute this kind of bilge at least since 2011. […]  Further, the Post has spent the better part of a year attacking the Trump administration . . .”

Read more at The Federalist.

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