Cost of Each Mobile Bathroom for L.A.’s Homeless Estimated at $300k+

Los Angeles estimates the cost to provide more mobile bathrooms to the homeless population who are currently using the streets and sidewalks as a toilet is estimated at $300k+ per bathroom per year. That puts the cost of providing the bathrooms to all the homeless population at $57 million yearly.

“How many single-family homes could you build for that much money?” Councilman Paul Krekorian asked at a hearing at City Hall last month, saying that L.A. had to find a cheaper solution.

Isn’t California planning to offer free health care to illegal immigrants? Yes they are. “State officials have estimated the benefits would be available to about 90,000 low-income illegal immigrants at a cost of $98 million per year.” There you go, I just found $57 million and change. No? Why not? Is it more important to virtue signal on the migrant crisis than it is to take care of the people living on the streets in your city? I guess so.

In any case, officials don’t seem to be looking around to cut other services to pay for the homeless population.

The heartburn over the price of bathrooms comes as the number of people living on the streets has surged. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority recently reported that the homeless population grew by 16% in the city this year, reaching more than 36,000.

Two years ago, a report from homeless advocates found that people on skid row had less access to bathrooms at night than Syrian refugees in a United Nations camp. Encampments from Sun Valley to Westchester also were short on needed toilets, L.A. County officials found.

The Los Angeles Times reports that San Francisco “has been a pioneer in such pit stop restroom programs and now operates them in more than two dozen locations.” But it seems odd to trumpet S.F.’s success here since there are maps warning residents where the human waste and drug needles are littering the city streets. They don’t seem to have a handle on the problem either.

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