Enough Games—They Want to Destroy Us

Mere hours after I submitted my last column arguing that Robert Mueller must be called to testify, Rachel Maddow took to the air to make the exact counter-case that I outlined and refuted in my column. No surprises there. We predicted it.

The past few days of news coverage have confirmed that the corporate leftist media and the Democrats are hellbent on uncritically warping every fact and statement to support their effort to forcibly remove a democratically elected president and to demonize anyone who may stand in their way. Reality be damned.

In a civil society, citizens may be entitled to their opinions but not to their own facts. But the past few years are evidence enough that we are no longer living in an actual civilized society. Our opponents are not engaging in good faith. They are willing and eager to destroy anyone in their way—no matter the cost.

The principle that one is innocent unless and until proven guilty has been thrown out the window as the opponents of the president demand that investigators conclusively exonerate him in order to avoid impeachment. We clearly see the moral and legal “flexibility” our opponents are willing to exhibit when they do not get their way.

And all of this comes in spite of the restraint we have demonstrated.

President Trump won after stating in the second presidential debate that he would “instruct” his “attorney general to get a special prosecutor” to look into Hillary Clinton’s “situation.” After the election, he struck a conciliatory tone in an attempt to bring the country together. His overtures were ignored as the deep state and sundry vested interests escalated their efforts to ruin his presidency.

We have acted as patient and overly indulgent parents as the media and Democrats have thrown a full-scale tantrum on the floor of our society. We have tolerated their petulant behavior for far too long. It is clear that no level of appeasement will ever appease their red-faced frenzy. And our continued leniency in the face of their nonsense poses a dire threat to our civic unity.

Cloaked in the pretension of moral and legal righteousness, our opponents continually have sought to undermine the very principles of our system of government. They will continue in this vein, using every single instance of our graciousness as a weapon against us. There is no compromise that will ever soothe their wounded egos.

We have spilled enough ink in attempts to reason with our opponents, as though they were acting in good faith. In the spirit of charity, we have contorted their baseless accusations and crazed illogic into fair objections and reasonable concerns. And even then, we have offered good faith rebuttals and counter arguments only to have our own words mangled into pitiful strawmen and cherry-picked into pathetic ad hominem attacks.


We have stood by long enough as our friends and colleagues have been slandered with awful epithets. As perfectly decent men and women have been called racists, traitors, rapists, and worse. We have cowered in the corner like frightened weaklings begging a snobby and over-entitled group of morons to spare us from their next deluge of moral pontification.


We have acquiesced to quisling pseudo-intellectuals who have urged us to be “reasonable” as they throw yet another innocent civilian to the insatiable wolves in the corporate leftist media and stand by watching as these good people are torn apart and have their lives destroyed as tribute. All so they can remain in good stead with the bookers at CNN and MSNBC.


It is time we call out our opponents for what they are: anti-American enemies of the Republic.

Many decent and reasonable individuals will howl at the supposed moral indignity of correctly identifying what we are up against. They will argue that even if our opponents are anti-American enemies of the Republic, we should not call them out publicly. They will say that doing so raises tensions and pushes us ever closer to the brink of a civil war.

No. That’s what the other side has been doing for decades.

When an actor can be applauded for saying that he would like to punch the president in his face, we know that we’re in dangerous territory. When that same actor then can have an open letter to Robert Mueller published prominently in the pages of the New York Times, purely because he happened to play a caricature of Mueller on a dismally un-funny comedy show, then we know we are beyond the pale.

We made politics so that we could avoid violence. And free speech allows us to air our grievances so that we can try to come to peaceful resolution.

But politics and free speech will not work if we do not use them. When we have individuals advocating violence against a sitting president and his supporters and the best our side’s leaders have to offer is a placid shrug: the equivalent of  “well, Leftists will be Leftists,” we must demand a more candid assessment of the situation. We must admit that our opponents are not simply opponents. They are our enemies and enemies of the politics and country that we love.

We have never and will never advocate unprovoked violence. No matter how much our critics and opponents distort our beliefs and political action, attempt to destroy our reputations and livelihoods, and call for our destruction, we have always and will always advocate peaceful responses. Too many men have died so that we could have peace for us to do anything but advocate peace.

But our enemies must be reminded that wars have been fought on the basis of far more trifling matters and that their continued attempts to fracture our country, subvert our system of government, and destroy all that we hold dear is dangerous and we will no longer tolerate it passively.

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Karl Notturno is a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness in addition to being an entrepreneur, musician, and writer. He recently graduated from Yale University with degrees in philosophy and history. He can be found on Twitter @karlnotturno.