Revealed: Dossier Source Who Falsely Claimed There Was a Russian Consulate in Miami, Also Behind ‘Pee Tape’ and Wider Russia Conspiracy Theory

The source who told former British spy Christopher Steele that there was a Russian Consulate in Miami (there isn’t) is the same source who pushed the Moscow “pee tape” hoax and is the key source behind the overall conspiracy theory that there was collusion between the Trump campaign & Russia involving Paul Manafort and Carter Page. In other words, the source–who is referred to as “Source E” in the Steele dossier–had a credibility problem and should have been vetted by the FBI before his claims were used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign.

These revelations were hashed out on Twitter by the mysterious “Undercover Huber” account, which is run by an individual who is thought to be either a former or current federal prosecutor due to the depth of his knowledge of how the FBI and DOJ work.

Undercover Huber’s discovery builds on John Solomon’s recent reporting at the Hill, which revealed that a high-ranking Obama State Department official met with Steele ten days before the FBI used his infamous dossier to justify securing FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

The official, then-Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec, took notes during the meeting that strongly suggest she figured out right away that Steele’s dossier was a political hit job intended to slime Donald Trump on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

In her handwritten notes from the meeting, she quoted Steele as saying, “Payments to those recruited are made out of the Russian Consulate in Miami.”  She then debunked the assertion, saying: “It is important to note that there is no Russian consulate in Miami.”

According to Wikipedia, Felix Sater is a “Russian-American mobster, convicted felon, real estate developer and former managing director of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate conglomerate based out of New York City.”

The Mueller report simply describes him as a “New York-based real estate adviser.”

Left out of the report is the fact that he was also a “a criminal cooperator, confidential source, and intelligence asset working for a variety of federal agencies over two decades” according to the Intercept.

The silence on these facts is colored by the peculiar, decades long relationship between Sater and members of Mueller’s staff. Sater’s 1998 criminal cooperation agreement was signed by a senior member of Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissman, then a prosecutor in Brooklyn’s U.S. Attorney’s Office. The apparent remarkable coincidence that a central figure within this report would have a substantive history with some of its investigators and authors goes unremarked on. A footnote indicates that Sater spoke under a proffer in a redacted grand jury matter.

Now there is a high level dispute between the former heads of the CIA and FBI over whose idea it was to put the unverified, and now completely discredited dirty dossier in the
Intelligence Community Assessment of January 2017 (ICA).

Comey briefed then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden on the intelligence assessment on Jan. 5, 2017.

“Comey laid out the dossier’s allegations that there had been numerous contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials, and that there may have been deals struck between them,” NYM’s Jane Mayer reported. “Comey also mentioned some of the sexual details in the dossier, including the alleged golden-showers kompromat.”

He briefed then-President-elect Trump only on the most salacious parts of the anti-Trump dossier on Jan.7, 2017. Comey told lawmakers in December of 2018 that it was Clapper’s idea to focus only on the salacious details because they thought that was the part that had leaked to the press.

Comey also told lawmakers that because he knew reporters already had that information and it would become public soon if journalists could find a “news hook.”

Their intelligence briefing with Donald Trump provided the media with the news hook they needed and CNN and Buzzfeed quickly jumped on the story. The MSM flogged the Russia collusion hoax for the next two-plus years, putting a dark cloud over Trump’s presidency until the anti-climatic Mueller report came out.

The Resistance has now turned to congressional Democrats to find something — anything that can deal the death blow to the president. The Dem-led House Judiciary Committee fired off dozens of subpoenas to Trump officials and family members in hopes that they’ll find that something or anything. But Trump vowed to fight all the subpoenas, and called them the “weapon of choice” for House Democrats as they wage an “all-out political war.”

All the drama over the subpoenas sounds like partisan bickering to most Americans. The coup failed.

And now the worm has turned with Attorney General William Barr, U.S. Attorney John Durham, U.S. Attorney John Huber and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz examining the origins of the hoax.

(Photo by Victoria Jones/PA Images via Getty Images)

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