Required Reading – May 12 Evening Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Rush: Poll of Polls: Trump Approval at Highest Point

“This is precisely why they are at their wits’ end. President Trump’s job approval average in the Real Clear Politics Poll of Polls, this is the gold, this is the Bible. At the Real Clear Politics website, the Real Clear Politics average of all the polls out there… It’s called the Poll of Polls. Trump’s approval average in this poll is over 45% for the first time since his inauguration. Their minds are exploding. Folks, do you understand? They have devoted 2-1/2 years to destroying Trump, to taking Trump out of office, to accusing Trump of being a traitor, a foreign agent of Russia. They’ve done everything they can. Now they’re holding him in contempt, holding his attorney general in contempt. They’re claiming we got a constitutional crisis. Meanwhile, Trump calmly, coolly goes about doing his job. His job approval over 45% in the Poll of Polls for the first time since inauguration. They’re losing their minds.”

Read more from Rush Limbaugh.

Turley: Democrats showing contempt by holding William Barr in contempt

“As someone who has represented the House of Representatives, my concern is that this one violates a legal version of the Hippocratic oath to “first do no harm.” This could do great harm, not to Barr, but to the House. It is the weakest possible case to bring against the administration, and likely to be an example of a bad case making bad law for the House.”

Read more at The Hill.

Glaeser: How to Talk to Millennials About Capitalism

“Polls show that young people embrace socialism—but they also distrust government regulation and admire entrepreneurialism and small business. Just 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, how can socialism have made such a comeback? The likeliest answer: the Great Recession left millennials looking for alternatives to capitalism, without the Cold War ideological guideposts that positioned older generations. Both the Right and the Left have redefined socialism, moreover, so that many young supporters now think that it just means a cuddlier, more equitable government.  […] . . . many younger Americans remain fundamentally uncommitted—they’re not die-hard socialists. If the friends of freedom want a way into their hearts and minds, however, they’ll need an updated message that speaks to millennials’ hopes and fears. With the caveat that I’m no political strategist, here are my suggestions on what might work.”

Read more at City Journal.

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