Democrats’ Collapse Could Happen Quickly

There are signs of Democrats’ coming electoral collapse, some anecdotal, some by the numbers. Most Democrats are staying loyal to their party, no matter how far how left their party shifts. But President Trump doesn’t need most Democrats; he only needs a few to get turned off by the Democrats’ radical proposals and identity politics.

Immediately after the 2018 midterms, it looked as if the strategy of dirtying President Trump in the eyes of low-information voters was working well for them. The collapse of the Russian collusion hoax has changed the equation.

Congress continues to dominate the media with ginned-up hysteria, but many voters are ready to move on to more substantial issues that affect their lives. Real life is a weaker arena for Democrats. They seem to be avoiding it as much as possible, focusing instead on claims that Republicans are white supremacists.

The Democrats’ 2020 presidential candidates are competing with their own congressmen for air time and the never-ending Russian collusion hoax. Each one is pursuing their slice of the limited identity politics pie. All of them, including former Vice President Joe Biden, are committed to the social justice agenda. This is a losing strategy because identity politics divides its own constituents as much as it divides the country.

The woke Left is 30 percent of their party—at most. Identity politics is alienating enough blacks, Hispanics, Jews, white Millennial men, and former Democrat working-class white Democrats to swing the 2020 election to Trump. Socialism, attacks on the second amendment, post-birth abortion, obsession with “white privilege” and transgenderism are not jokes to adult voters, white, black or brown—they are reasons to change parties.

Democrats’ decision to change the demographics of our country through open borders is alienating many Hispanic voters. The attendance figures for President Trump’s El Paso rally sent a shiver of fear through Democrats: 70 percent of rally attendees were Latino, 50 percent were Democrats. This month, the McLaughlin poll shows a 50 percent jump in Trump’s approval among Hispanics.

There are solid reasons for Trump’s rising popularity among this demographic. More American Latinos start small businesses than any other group in the United States. Jobs are booming. Their wage growth has jumped above the national average. They don’t need to read the paper to understand they are competing for work with illegals. They are being terrorized by criminal illegals killing and raping their family members and neighbors. Liberal talking points can’t hide those realities.

If the Democrats are betting wrong on buying Latino votes with an open border policy, their election goose is cooked.   

Jewish liberals are far fewer in number than Latinos, and far less practical. They are crucial to Democrats because they are the most generous contributors, are politically active, and are concentrated in swing states. For years, Jewish liberals have ignored the anti-Semitism of Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton and their party’s left wing, but the very public, very crude Jew-hating of Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) may be a step too far. Although liberal Jews cling to their insulated world of fake news, Omar and company cannot be completely filtered out.

In 2016, Trump won enough new Jewish votes to help him flip Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Ohio. Since then, he has been the greatest president since Harry Truman for Jews and for Israel. His share of the Jewish vote will be significantly better in 2020.

President Trump did not win a lot of black votes, but low black turnout (7 to 14 percent below 2012) was crucial for his victory in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. No one expects any of the Democratic pack running in 2020 to equal Obama’s black turnout. There is no first-rate black candidate. Will black men vote for any of the 2020 candidates in record numbers, even as they are lacking the excitement of voting for the first black president, and with the economic boom reaching deep into their community? No, they won’t.

This is when the Democrat stress on racial appeals will come back to haunt them. Democrats have worked hard to make blacks more race conscious and resentful of “white privilege.” They won’t turn out for a Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg or Elizabeth Warren.

Obama’s genius “demographics is destiny” guru, Ruy Teixeira, recently reported that they got their own party’s voter demographics “massively wrong.” Even if Hillary Clinton had the same black turnout as Obama, she would have lost, he says. Democrats can’t attack working-class whites, losing them by 31 points as Clinton did, and win the presidency. America’s coming non-white majority is still under 5-years-old.  

Big oopsie.

Democrats’ alternate weapon, hating Trump, has its geographic limits, too. The heartland cares more about jobs.

Trump is likely to win the Rust Belt swing states by larger margins than before. Thanks to tax cuts, trade deals, and deregulation, unemployment in Pennsylvania has dropped by 29 percent. The likelihood of blue-collar voters there turning against the President because he tweets too much is zilch.

Vodkapundit Stephen Green writes, “Democrats Can Kiss Ohio Goodbye.” Democrat strategist Dale Butland believes, “Ohio has become a Republican state.” PJ Media managing editor and Ohio resident Paula Bolyard explains that blue-collar voters are turning to Trump. “Support for Trump is solid,” she writes. “Even my Mom—who has never voted for a Republican in her life . . . mostly because the Dems have become too radical.” Ohio has chosen every president since the 19th century.

The Democrat’s have built a house of cards on culture wars.  

Columbus County in rural North Carolina in just two weeks saw 70 Democrats, including County Commissioner Ricky Bullard, do a mass walkout on the party. “It’s getting to where the Democratic Party is not like it used to be,” Bullard said. “It’s full of Muslims and full of people who believe in aborting babies up to the ninth month of pregnancy and even my pastor has been encouraging me to change my affiliation because of some of the Democratic Party beliefs.”

As the growing Trump economy lifts up the hearts and living standards of all our citizens, the country may find that the Democrats’ obsessions with open borders, free stuff, and the color of your skin have less appeal. Republicans do not believe skin color, sex, new citizen status or anything should divide Americans. President Trump’s love of American individualism and opportunity, and his pragmatic focus on jobs and national security, is a message that can bring us all together.

To get there, this whole sorry chapter of Democrats’ identity politics should be rejected soundly by good people across the country, from every demographic and walk of life.

Most adult Americans prefer real virtue to virtue signaling, real justice to social justice.

The Democrat collapse could come with surprising suddenness.

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