The Impeachable Presidency

The office of president of the United States is an impeachable offense. The offenders constitute a gallery of rogues and realists, a monument to men whose names we honor in marble and exalt unto a mountainside.

That they were not impeached is a good thing, no matter the gravity of their high crimes and misdemeanors, no matter how low they acted in war and peace; deporting aliens on false charges of sedition; denying justice in the North so as to deliver it to the South; destroying a great right to grant an unalienable right to a people wronged by their fellow Americans; detaining up to 120,000 Japanese Americans behind walls and miles of barbed wire; deploying soldiers without a congressional declaration of war.

Now, tell me about the need to impeach President Trump. Tell me why his decision to remove 2,000 American troops from Syria is unconstitutional. Tell me why his travel ban (Presidential Proclamation 9645) is an abuse of power, when a majority of justices—including the chief justice of the United States—say otherwise.

Tell me why his call to secure our border with Mexico is worse than sending 10,000 men into Mexico. Tell me why revulsion trumps reverence when the choice is Trump instead of Wilson, when we continue to pay—in blood and treasure—for Wilsonian ends through endless wars, when socialists condemn Trump but overlook Wilson’s criminalization of socialist thought.

Tell me, also, why it is worse to fire the director of the FBI than it is to direct the FBI to illegally wiretap a man of Christ and a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness.

If Democrats insist on praising great presidents, perhaps they should stop trying to impeach a president who wants to make America great again.

Photo credit: iStock/Getty Images

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