Democrats Returning Donations from Rep. Ilhan Omar

Two Democrats have returned donations from controversial Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who has repeatedly come under scrutiny for her unapologetic anti-Semitic remarks.

First up, we have North Carolina congressional candidate Dan McCreedy who decided to reject Omar’s donation at the end of March. He returned a $2,000 donation his campaign originally accepted in November of last year. Why would McCreedy reject the congresswoman’s generosity? We are told the inappropriate behavior is on the part of the objectors, not Ihan Omar, for the offensive remarks she made.

“He believes there is no place for divisiveness in politics, and McCready did not feel it is appropriate to accept the donation.”

McCready himself Tweeted on Thursday that he returned the donation because he “vigorously disagrees with any anti-Semitic comments,” while adding that, since then, “dangerous and hateful attacks have started against her.”

McCready is running in a special election do-over, after wide-spread fraud tainted the 2018 campaign. The general special election will take place in September.

The second candidate, Rep. Lucy McBath (D-Ga.) has also returned the money Omar donated to her campaign. According to the Atlantic-Constitution Journal:

The website noted that McBath did not report the contribution – which is true. The McBath campaign told us this morning that the contribution was not accepted.

McBath’s rejection of the donation is more important than it may sound. The Sixth District has a significant Jewish population – particularly in Sandy Springs and east Cobb County.


It was recently reported that some of the recipients of Omar’s hefty fundraising loot had not declared the donations on their quarterly filings. One such person is Rep. Jahana Hayes (D., Conn.) who told Washington Free Beacon she will not be returning the money and that it will be reported on the next quarterly filing.

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