How Democrat Crazy Can Win in 2020

The enormity of the Obama team’s political crimes—the framing and attempted take-down of a sitting President—required a propaganda machine the likes of which this country has never seen. So we are in America the Unreal.

Democrats need extreme partisanship to pull this off, not an excellent party platform. That is why their program is so weird. Crazy, extremist views are strategies for divide and control.

Journalists and politicians alike have manipulated rank-and-file Democrats to plunge them into a fake world in which each and every Trump voter is treated, not as political opponents to defeat in the next election, but as avatars of evil.

The Democrats’ intolerance for dissent is a tell. The Democrats have rejected the two-party system. They are flooding the country with Marxist agitprop instead of normal political competition.

America in 2019 seems unreal because the post-Obama Democrat party is like nothing we’ve ever seen. The inner sanctum of Obama’s team—John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, et. al.—tried to reverse an election they had already lost. This is unheard of in America. No wonder there has been non-stop propaganda efforts to hide their perfidy.

They are not aiming to win voters over. They intend to change our voting laws and system to give their party a permanent majority, justified by their lies that our system is crooked. They don’t want fair debates they can lose. They don’t want fair elections they can lose.

The purpose of propaganda is to misinform, yes, but most of all, to bully people into submission. Go against the relentless drumbeat of groupthink, and you are on the enemies list. Extremism is a power play.

Democrats have unfurled a politics of intimidation aimed against their own as much as the other side.

The propaganda which sustains the Democrat Party requires suppression and punishment of opponents, lest their own voters be open to dissent. They have disciplined their followers to submit to groupthink, to be willing to turn in unison and declare cars evil, infanticide good, and genders make-believe. We’re supposed to see the mass of ordinary Americans as bigots and haters. A hallmark of propaganda is that everything is said to be its exact opposite.

When you’re pushing clear nonsense like banning fossil fuels, that humans do not come in two sexes, or that infanticide is feminism, you fear a single honest journalist. More than that, you want to demonize honest journalists as beyond the pale—haters who do not deserve to ask questions.

Leftist employees at Twitter, Facebook, and Google work non-stop to silence opposing voices on social media and the internet. Democrat activists target individual Fox commentators with boycotts and outrage campaigns. The DNC is excluding Fox News from their 2020 primaries.

Democrat proposals excite the worst human emotions—fear, envy, rage—as a road to power. All their appeals are to grievance groups. American individualism, unity, and optimism are in the way and must be destroyed.

Twenty-first century Marxists divide us into classes by race and gender and sexual behavior, not by workers versus capitalists, but it is the same old road to tyranny.

Every strange policy the progressive Left puts forth is adopted by the cowed and bought Democrat establishment. They are following the rules Barack Obama lived by as a professional Chicago radical: “[An] organizer must . . . agitate, create disenchantment and discontent with the current values . . . fan the embers of hopelessness.”

Kids learn the rules and comply in order to be popular. A friend’s granddaughter asked her recently, “Please tell (my older brother) to stop saying there are only two genders.” The grandmother replied: “But there are only two genders.” The 16-year-old protested, “Grandma, that’s OK for you to say because you’re old. But we’re young. We can’t say that.”

No wonder Democrats want to give 16-year-olds the vote. America’s Millennial Red Guards—brainwashed from kindergarten to think America is a hate-filled, unjust country—are quick to mob dissenters.

Blacklisting follows and is the most potent weapon in the culture wars. A black woman executive with 20 years at Apple dares to say the lovely truth that white men can have valuable and diverse viewpoints and she is fired on the spot. A high-tech CEO is forced out of his company at the hands of the LGBTQ twitter mob. The rest look on and submit nicely, without fuss, even without a qualm. They can tell their consciences it is “social justice.”

A tell for blacklisting and intimidation: Apple employees’ donations to partisan groups is 100 percent Democrat. Any Republican employees are afraid to make political donations, for which they could be outed and mobbed. And fired.

Conservative voices—this includes all of your favorite websites—are finding their ad revenue killed off by leftist operatives at Google and Facebook. It’s nearly impossible to find a conservative voice when you google a political topic. Soon most won’t be there at all.

Step back, and it is hard to believe this is happening in America. The news is nuts. We are in a marvelous period of peace and prosperity. Yet half the country believes we are in a crisis and that it merits an emergency assault on capitalism and democracy. They hate their fellow citizens as racists and homophobes.

Communist propaganda insisted things were great when they were awful. In 2019 America, things are great, and Democrats insist they are awful.

Worse, they insist we are awful. They reject our proud history and our beloved constitution. They are working to subvert fair elections state by state, ride the new rules all the way to the White House, and never leave. Voter harvesting, scamming the electoral college – they want new rules to usher in a permanent one-party state.

How can it be countered? Where will it end?

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About Karin McQuillan

Karin McQuillan served in the Peace Corps in West Africa, was a clinical social worker and psychotherapist, and is now a writer and regular contributor to American Thinker and American Greatness.