Masked Agitator Attacks Conservative Speaker Michael Knowles During UMKC Event

A masked agitator attacked conservative commentator Michael Knowles with an unknown substance while he was speaking at the University of Missouri-KC., Thursday night. The event was called “A Night with Michael Knowles,” and was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom. Knowles writes for The Daily Wire and is a frequent guest on Fox and Friends.

Protesters had originally planned on staging “a silent walk out” while Knowles was giving a speech titled “Men are Not Women,”  University News, UMKC’s student newspaper, reported.

Protesters outside the event held signs reading “Trans Men are Men,” “Trans Rights are Human Rights,” and “Knowles’ Ideology Kills Trans Women.”

Protesters planned to attend the school’s “Inclusion Spring Bash” later that night, according to University News. The “silent” protest inside the event turned disruptive, however, resulting in one person being injured, UMKC stated on Twitter. The masked protester was taken down by police and arrested after he tried to squirt Knowles with some type of liquid.

The university said it was gathering more information and would review campus policies and procedures.

While the attacker was being tackled and tasered by police, protesters in the audience chanted “hands up, don’t shoot!”

After he was attacked, Knowles initially thought that the agitator had squirted paint at him. In the video below, he can be heard thanking the police for their quick actions. “I appreciate that immensely,” he said.

Later, Knowles tweeted that the substance was bleach. Eventually, after speaking with police, he clarified that it was an odorous liquid designed to smell like bleach.

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