Required Reading – April 5 Afternoon Update

Required reading from around the web of the best, most interesting, or most though provoking things we’ve read:

Summers: Crenshaw Shoots Down 2020 Dem’s Call to Decriminalize Illegal Immigration: Need to Fix Crisis, ‘Not Give Up’

“Castro unveiled his “People First” immigration policy on Tuesday which would give millions of immigrants a path to citizenship and treat illegal immigration as civil, not criminal, according to Castro’s blog. […]  “Great idea Castro, way to look out for American citizens,” Crenshaw joked. “Sigh.” The Texas Republican plainly pointed that Democrats “are the party of open borders. Period.” “The crisis at our border is being described as in a ‘free fall,’” Crenshaw added. “We need to fix it, not give up.”  He thanked Castro for the “suggestion,” but said the GOP “will take it from here.””

Read more at IJR.

AP: Ocasio-Cortez invited to tour Kentucky coal mines

“Republican Kentucky congressman Andy Barr has invited Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to “go underground” to meet coal miners in his state. […]  Ocasio-Cortez responded that she’d “be happy” to tour a coal mine. […]  Barr said he wants her to meet with coal miners to learn how the proposal would affect them.”

Read more at Star Tribune.

Williams: More fathers, not more police

“No doubt hiring more and better trained police officers will have some impact on criminal and disorderly behavior – but not much unless we create a police state. The root of the problem, particularly among black Americans, is the breakdown of the family unit where fathers are absent. In 1938, 11 percent of blacks were born to unmarried women. By 1965, that number had grown to 25 percent. Now it’s about 75 percent. Even during slavery, when marriage between blacks was illegal, a higher percentage of black children were raised by their biological mothers and fathers than today. In 1940, 86 percent of black children were born inside marriage. Today, only 35 percent of black children are born inside marriage. Having no father in the home has a serious impact. Children with no father in the home are five times more likely to be poor and commit crime, nine times more likely to drop out of school and 20 times more likely to be in prison.Our generous welfare system, in effect, allows women to marry the government. Plus . . .”

Read more at WND.

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