The Democratic Party, Not America, Is Experiencing a Civil War

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Contrary to the overheated speculation of so many, the United States is not on the cusp of another civil war. Sure, things are tense in America’s political system. Things usually are. Americans are not, however, about to take up arms against each other and hunt down those with whom they disagree.

Instead, what we are experiencing is the very public collapse of our managerial elite and this has resulted in a civil war within the Democratic Party. To them it must feel like a more widespread conflict since most of our self-styled elite are Democrats.

The good news is this Democratic Party civil war is sure to end in disaster for the Left. And this can only benefit the American people.

The Lebanonization of Democratic Party Politics
Look at the Democratic Party today—is it even a party? Or, is it merely an amalgamation of special interests, based on dubious identity politics, barely united by their hatred for Donald Trump?

They cannot agree on anything: should we “believe all women” who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Democratic Party leaders? Is being white and male a bad thing? What really separates democratic socialism from your run-of-the-mill socialism of the sort that destroys countries, such as Venezuela? Is Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) a Native American? How does one “save” our environment from humanity? For that matter, given that no Democrat in the Senate would vote for Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, is there even a threat?

Nobody can answer these questions.

Just as in a warring 1980s Lebanon there were various warring factions—all of whom were convinced of their superiority but equally convinced that their particular brand of victimhood entitled them to power—no one ever wins such fights.

The Democratic Party is exhausted. It’s an old, dying jackass that just hasn’t yet been put out to pasture. And, it’s very apparent to those who are not too close to it—both within and without the party—that the DNC is deep trouble.

It’s true that candidates such as South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and that old, curmudgeonly socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), are fundraising like crazy. But, as Hillary Clinton proved, $1 billion and a deep Rolodex of people who owe you political favors aren’t even enough to win the White House. Not against a dynamic candidate like Donald J. Trump, at least.

In the United States, a political party manages to win national elections by attracting a variety of individuals and groups from the largest cross-section of voters as possible. Trump did this with triangulating policies and ideas that most Americans found popular: he identified border security and trade, for example, as things that he needed to champion, irrespective of stale GOP ideological dogma.

Trump’s attention to the popular issues that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party had been ignoring, won him the 2016 election. While Republicans have been slow to follow Trump’s lead, the total indifference to the wants and needs of most Americans by the Democratic Party, coupled with their intense focus on esoteric issues that serve only divide the electorate shows that the Democrats are going to devour themselves in a spectacular way. They are doing this already.

One might be inclined to argue that this is the natural progression of a presidential primary. But, there is nothing “natural” about this primary. On top of their obsession with identity politics, the only success Democrats have ever been to muster against Trump was in an off-year primary where the board was set in their favor and in which their primary message was: Robert Mueller is going to get the Russian colluder-in-chief, Donald Trump. Now that the Left’s preferred narrative against Trump has been obliterated, they cannot agree on how best to proceed.

Is talking about healthcare the Democrats’ best solution forward? It’s a decent way for them to try to rebuild their coalition. But, as the last vice-president of the last successful Democratic president, Joe Biden would be the best person to wage such a campaign. Unfortunately for Uncle Joe, his incessant shoulder rubbing of women and young girls has deemed him “problematic” in today’s “woke” Democratic party.

Meanwhile, the Democrats continue slashing at one another as they desperately attempt to out-Leftist the other guy and shed more critical voters in the process. And, the fight is not just going on among the 20 or so presidential candidates. It’s being waged between the Democratic House leadership and the new, democratic socialist members, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar.

Think about it: the blue-collar, working-class voters of America used to comprise the bulk of the Democratic Party’s base. But these voters flipped and helped usher in the Donald Trump presidency. After being called “deplorables,” told that their industrial way of life is gone forever, and that they’re racists, bigots, homophobes, etc. by an increasingly belligerent and elitist Democratic Party, these voters are not returning to the DNC in 2020. People don’t go where they are held in contempt.

The new stars of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives have also come out as flagrant anti-Semites. Jewish-Americans are another key constituency of the Democratic Party. At some point, the ceaseless attacks on Israel and Jewish-American values by the most popular, newly-elected Democrats in the House will have to have negative repercussions for the Democratic Party.

Another core group of voters are  Hispanic-Americans and African-Americans. It is likely that a majority of these voters will continue to vote for the candidates preferred by the DNC. Yet an improving economy and stunning improvement in employment numbers for these two groups under Trump, likely means that at least some will flip to the GOP or simply sit out during what is likely to be a heinous Democratic Party primary. Moreover, these two groups tend to be more socially conservative than the current “woke” ideology of the Democrats permits. All of these factors likely conspire to deter some of these critical voters from voting Democrat in 2020.

As the Democrats demonstrate an increasing determination to destroy each other in public, the vaunted independent voters are also likely to be turned off by the egregious political style the Left has embraced. This is especially true in relation to the Mueller special counsel probe. Now that it has been proven that the president did not collude with Russia during the 2016 election, despite the Democratic Party and senior media pundits insisting that Trump was going to be taken down, most independents not only are fed up with the Left’s shenanigans, but they are also encouraging the president to go after those who misled the country for two years.

There is No Civil War In America Today
In the rest of America, however, most people are still going about their day. They may dislike the political opinions of some of their neighbors, or people they see on television, but they still work together, live together, eat together, and do all of the things that Americans have always done. The rage and hatred is emanating from within the Democratic Party and being exported by means of a compliant news media.

There is no American civil war at hand—cold or hot. There is, however, a Democratic Party civil war occurring and the rest of us happen to be caught in the middle. Whichever Leftist wins that Democrat civil war is not of much consequence. That person ultimately will lose the greater contest against Trump in 2020. And, as the Democratic Party devours itself, shedding voters in the process, the ultimate victory will go to the American people.

Therefore, the Democratic Party’s civil war should be welcomed by the Right, as it heralds the demise of the much-maligned administrative state and brings with it the necessary rebirth of traditional American political thought.

In times past, it was said that the “tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Today, let it be said that the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the tears of disappointed leftists and failed administrators.

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