Cut Off Those Baby Factories

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An outlandish video of a New Age mother-daughter duo went viral on social media, and by now most everyone has heard their “cut off the baby factories” message.

Calling themselves the Angelic Initiative, LynnLife and Jamie BodyMind believe they are channels created to receive other-dimensional instruction for our humanoid purpose on Ground Zero Earth. In brief, they say our planet is endangered by the biohazard of overpopulation, humanoids need to stop having babies, and we must reduce the population by 6 billion people if we want our planet to survive.

Viewer intrigue is not owing simply to their disturbing message, but is as much about their freakishly weird arm-pumping and Jamie BodyMind’s orgasmic facial expressions as they supposedly interact with souls from other dimensions—in which, by the way, reside the two “higher souls” they say oversee “the situation”: a wizard and his appointed assistant, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Of course, I had to dig in and find more of these outlandish videos other than just the viral “No more humans!” episode. As I watched, I either laughed out loud at the absurdity, or felt the urge to pray the St. Michael Archangel prayer to protect myself from the demons these disturbed women undoubtedly were conjuring.

But here’s the thing: I’m surprised at the level of shock over this newly unearthed treasure trove of insanity, because there is little in it that we don’t already get from the “progressive” propaganda that assaults us daily.

These deranged women spout ideas that differ only in degree from the leftist schlock we hear every time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez opens her mouth—not to mention the other patronesses of the Democratic Party: Elizabeth Warren, Amy Klobuchar, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Robert Francis O’Rourke. All of these women are just as unhinged as the “Angel Initiative” women, and some of them (like AOC and “Beto”) even exhibit their own version of Mussolini-esque arm-pumping.

LynnLife sums up the video message: “It is an extreme biohazard to make justifications for parasitism.” The parasite she’s referring to is a baby. “We don’t need children. If you find yourself pregnant there are options and you can have an abortion. No babies! Women who have babies and stay home to raise them should not be viewed as doing a good thing!”

Hey, woman sitting next to your daughter, I have a better idea: How about you shut up?

“Parasites” Everywhere
Ironically, at one point during the video, LynnLife and her daughter are distracted and wholly entranced by a pair of downy woodpeckers. They sigh and lament that the “poor downies are being pushed into an endangered status” by people who overbreed. Clearly all the parasitic humanoid babies are guilty of killing off the downy woodpeckers. Better get rid of those biohazard babies and save the earth. (By the way, downy woodpeckers are doing just fine.)

Sound like anything in the news recently? The Green New Deal may have been unanimously voted down by the U.S. Senate, but don’t for a moment believe that this is the last we will hear of it. Climate change is the only true religion of the Left, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez serves as its loudest mouthpiece. She has made it clear that in order to save the earth we need to question whether it’s ethical to keep having children. “There’s scientific evidence that the lives of children are going to be very difficult,” she prognosticates. Evidently Ocasio-Cortez channels messages from LynnLife’s wizard of planetary consciousness.

But wait! It’s not just the babies that are parasites—so are the mothers who stay home to raise them. “Just as bullying is an error pattern that males tend to fall into,” LynnLife explains, “parasitism is an error pattern that females tend to fall into when life is too easy.”

On how many levels should we humanoids be offended by this tripe? The “error pattern” of males, indeed! The obscene idea of “toxic masculinity” has been pushed down our throats by all the favorite step-children of the Democrats: The Pussyhat feminists, the #MeToo movement, most of Hollywood—as if none of those groups act as bully mobs!

Let’s be real: If any sex can be said to have perfected the art of bullying, it’s the female sex. By the time they are 10 years old, females have mastered psychological warfare. Women can become masters at bullying—just look at Hillary Clinton and Amy Klobuchar. And then, in masterful extension of the art, they can attempt to excuse it by pretending they simply aren’t allowed to be as “powerful” as a man. What is power, again?

Don’t ever forget the words of the mother of all contemporary lefty female bullies: “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies.” Hillary, it seems, also had the wizard of our “Angelic Initiative” on speed dial. We parasitic females with such easy lives, falling into terrible error patterns, having babies and staying home with them because all we want to do is bake cookies. The Left loves to pigeonhole non-leftist women as a bunch of white, affluent, suburban moms who are oppressed and brainwashed by our husbands.

Does it ever occur to them that oppression and brainwashing is the forte of the feminist Left? The entire radical feminist movement is a bully mob. If any woman dares to disagree with their anti-male and pro-abortion agenda, she is pitied, ridiculed, or dismissed entirely. One of the aforementioned women refers full-time mothers as “sled sitters”—humans who coast along in life and don’t contribute to society in any meaningful manner. I’ll let you try to guess who, but in truth, it could be any of them.

It Isn’t About “Choice”
Meanwhile, let’s get back to the parasitic babies. Hearing the word “parasite” used to describe a child really rocked the collective conscience of social media this past week, as it should have done. But pay close attention. This is precisely what the “pro-abort until birth” radical Left believes: Your unborn child is a parasite. Your living children are parasites.

Huh, is that why Planned Parenthood is always parked in poor and minority neighborhoods, masquerading as health care, anxious to exterminate harmful parasites? For generations now, this “health care” has been a form of African American genocide, exactly as Margaret Sanger and other progressives planned. Not only did she say “I believe that there should be no more babies,” she also made clear her mission was “to exterminate the Negro population.” The current population control credo is simply the evolution of Sanger’s eugenics. But now, anyone who wants to limit and control childbirth can simply signal their “virtue” by proclaiming it is their sole mission to protect the ecosystem and save our dying planet.

It should be abundantly clear that the pro-choice Leftists aren’t really interested in “choice” at all. They’re more interested in obtaining the power to dictate what’s best for other women. Ocasio-Cortez chides those who disagree with her New Green Deal: ”So until you do it, I am the boss!” (No, actually you’re not). A board member from the group Population Matters says “Having children, from a biological point of view, is probably one of the most selfish things you can do. You’re stealing resources from others in order to perpetuate your genes.”

Population Connection (formerly Zero Population Growth) once advocated high taxation of families with more than two children for “irresponsible breeding,” and currently provides K-12 pro-choice and anti-population growth curriculum for millions of school children across the country. “May we live long and die out” is the mission statement for The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, a group that refers to humanity as a “greedy, amoral parasite on the once-healthy face of this planet.” Elizabeth Warren and Beto are just two among the many liberal politicians who receive donations from population-control organizations. And with no sentience whatsoever, all of these people and organizations claim they aren’t coercive.

“You can’t actually get someone to do something they don’t want to do, and the best thing you can do is help them see how it’s a good idea to do what they’re supposed to do, but you’ve got to make it seem like it’s their idea.” Any idea who said this? Again, seems like it could be anyone named above. One thing is certain, it’s exactly the modus operandi in China—first with its one-child policy and now with its selective two-child allowance. If peer pressure and propaganda isn’t enough to achieve compliance, punishment is imposed. Chinese population police monitor women closely from fertility to sterilization, they’re punished by deprivation of basic needs for their extended families, and subjected to violent forced abortions.

Despite these horrors (or more likely because of them), China is acclaimed by leftists around the globe for its “contribution” to protecting the climate, and even is used to model how population control is a commendable solution to climate change. Solution? Where else in history was that word used? Put the word “final” in front of it, and you’ll arrive at the Holocaust.

Population control still occurs around the world and even in our own country. Targeted human beings are usually minorities, people of certain creeds or color, people with lesser means, people subjectively categorized as less than perfect, and those deemed unworthy of parenthood. The United Nations has engaged in population control for decades, targeting parts of the world including countries in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

A Terrible Consistency
Peer pressure and propaganda are the norm for the Left, but the punishment stages of coercion are already in motion. How else can you describe the abhorrent support for abortion until the moment of birth? How else would you describe the push to legalize permitting a child to die after birth? How else could one possibly justify infanticide by trying to call it “abortion after a live birth?” Look at the list of the Senate Democrats who voted against the Born Alive bill, and pay close attention to both the abortion agenda and population control agenda of the Democrats running for president in 2020.

They all oppose the Born Alive bill under the pretense that legislation already exists to protect all infants that are born alive. It doesn’t. The bill adds a needed measure of accountability, making it law that medical practitioners and abortionists cannot deny life-saving care to infants born prematurely or after a failed abortion. Currently, these infants can legally be denied life-saving efforts if the medical team decides their viability isn’t an option.

The Left certainly is consistent: Decisions regarding the life and welfare of a human person are determined by the state. A vote for any of them is your consent to be bossed around. Welcome to Nazi Germany, China, the New Green Deal, and to any other agenda that questions whether it’s ethical to have children; where arrogant “superiors” decree who can have babies, when, and how many.

The outlandish Angelic Initiative video is disturbing but nothing new, and certainly nothing that is outside of the mainstream of Democratic talking points. Indeed, it’s typical of the population control agenda: Inculcate people with a sense of fear about climate change, instill guilt that we aren’t doing enough to stop the destruction of the biosphere, and then offer the same solution pushed by liberals throughout history: Terminate inconvenient human beings.

Photo Credit: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

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