Victor Davis Hanson Essentially Called It in February

- March 22nd, 2019
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Robert Mueller’s investigation is done. There will be no more indictments and the existing indictments have nothing to do with his warrant—namely, claims that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign “colluded” with Russia to sway the 2016 presidential election.

You’re hearing and reading a lot of spin (and wishful thinking) right now. (Just read all of Ace from Friday afternoon and evening.) And you’ll be hearing and reading a great deal more in the coming days.

But if you would like a bit of prescient clarity about all of this, I suggest reading—or re-reading, as the case may be—Victor Davis Hanson’s essay, “Autopsy of a Dead Coup,” which made a bit of a splash in mid-February. Hanson essentially called what happened today a month ago. The thing was built on vicious nonsense and sour grapes from the start.

“Shame on all these failed conspirators and their abettors, and may these immoral people finally earn a long deserved legal and moral reckoning,” Hanson wrote.

I don’t know about the legal reckoning, but the moral one is coming. Believe that. And not just on the Left. More than a few ostensible “conservatives” have a lot to answer for here.

In the meantime, watch Rachel Maddow trying not to come completely undone on her show earlier tonight . . .

Update: Apparently it’s a violation of Twitter’s rules to post a video laughing at a left-wing cable news show host. Once again, see Ace.

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