Democrats’ Crisis: They’ve Run out of Cool Free Sh*t!

This week the high tide of leftist idiocy outdid itself, transforming into a tsunami of toxic imbecility, inundating the public square with the stinking flotsam of their lunacy, mendacity, and bigotry. Rudderless, the party of redistribution now finds itself adrift in a crisis of their own making, one that could lead an electoral deluge in 2020. The font of the Left’s current dire straits is deceptively simple to detect. However disparate the individual jetties stirring the water, the toxic imbecility is all coming from the same place: The Democrats have run out of cool free sh*t (“CFS”) to offer voters.

The party, whose central, unifying economic tenet violates the 10th Commandment of not coveting your neighbor’s goods, had spent the last few years on a heady bender of promising to skewer “the rich” and provide CFS to preferred swaths of the electorate in exchange for their votes and, yes, freedom. This is not illegal. If Democrats handed dollar bills to voters outside of polling places, it would be illegal. If Democrats use the coercive powers of the state to take some voters’ money and launder it through a federal bureaucracy to provide goods, services, and benefits to other voters, it is legal.

This CFS strategy has proved such a boon to Democrats—if not yet to their voters—that socialism seems to have become the radically chic choice to supplant the old guard Democrats’ anile embrace of at least enough crony-capitalism to expand social spending and lard their campaign war chests.

Moreover, with President Trump in the White House and Republicans controlling the U.S. Senate, congressional Democrats and their presidential contenders could promise ever more CFS without the need to deliver any of it any time soon. Thus unconstrained, the following items (by no means exhaustive) are some of the Democrats’ more prominent promises of CFS proffered to voters: Medicare for all; free college and/or community college and/or eliminating student debt; higher “living wages”; reparations for slavery; and a host of other monetarily measured, produced and provided benefits.

But the Left’s proffered benefit binge has now produced a hangover: having apparently run out of monetary CFS to tempt voters, the Democrats lately find themselves scrambling to conjure up less fungible CFS to curry electoral favor.

Recently, the Green New Deal’s less fungible CFS was promising we won’t die due to climate change during the next twelve years because government would control the weather and us (and not in that order) to save the planet. This week, the nation was treated to three more regrettable cases of Toxic Imbecility, wherein the Democrats struggled to promise less fungible CFS to the electorate:

  1. A diluted anti-hate resolution that shields anti-Semites by allowing them to perversely claim they are the actual victims;
  2. A constitutional amendment to lower the voting age to sixteen years old; and
  3. A bill to promote and protect the voting rights of illegal immigrants at the state and local level.

In all these instances, the Democrats are freely and fecklessly conferring unjustifiable benefits onto groups they believe will vote for their party:  anti-Semites who despicably hide behind the identity politics card; teens presumed callow enough to buy into the “the smart party’s” intellectual twaddle; and individuals in the country illegally who seek to avail themselves of citizens’ legal rights.

For the Left, it proved a banner week for pandering to anti-Semitic, teenaged illegal immigrants.

For sane Americans, it was just another sad display of the Left’s reason-resistant strain of Toxic Imbecility.

Notably, the Democrat’s CFS crisis will not be solved by discovering new pockets of taxpayer money – like, say, the $3 billion New York now has thanks to A.O.C. chasing away Amazon.  Nor is this another instance proving Lady Thatcher’s quote, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”. The Left hasn’t bothered to itemize and total the cost to taxpayers of the Left’s CFS promises, fungible of otherwise. If anyone else endeavored to add up the astronomical cost, the Left’s cohorts in the elitist media would ignore it, distort the analysis and/or smear the analyst.

In their acute stage of toxic imbecility, the Left thinks using money to measure “social justice” is “racist”—and, besides, the only thing the Left wants to count is votes.

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