Media Prove They Don’t Care About Violence Against Trump Supporters

Whenever I open my mouth about the outrageous bias of our national news media, liberal journalists always seem to jump at the opportunity to prove me right.

When I went on “Fox and Friends” Monday to talk about the Jussie Smollett hoax, for instance, I pointed out how ridiculous it was for the actor to claim he was attacked by two men in MAGA hats on the streets of Chicago. I made a joke about how no one wore MAGA hats in downtown Chicago because they would get shot in “two seconds.”

No one watching the segment could possibly have believed that I meant you would literally be shot if you wear a MAGA hat in Chicago, but that’s how the media—in an obvious bad faith effort to make me look bad—reported my words. It’s even more upsetting that these are the same partisan hacks who reported the implausible lies of Jussie Smollett as Gospel truth and called anyone who questioned their narrative “far-right extremists” or worse.

But the shameless misrepresentation of my words in the press, is emblematic of the blasé attitude most media outlets exhibit towards violence against my father’s voters.

There are enough examples from Chicago alone to illustrate the inexcusable double standards of the national news media. In early 2016, my dad’s campaign had to cancel a major rally for the first time ever after Black Lives Matter and other extremist groups indiscriminately attacked both supporters who were trying to get into the UIC Pavillion to see my father speak and the police officers who were assigned to protect them.

How did the media report this? “Violence breaks out at Trump rally.”

That sort of deceptive headline reflected the media’s pattern throughout the campaign, and the practice continues right up to this day. When there’s violence against Trump supporters because of their political beliefs, the media will ignore it until they can’t, and then they’ll downplay it. If that fails, they’ll just proclaim that the Trump supporters had it coming to them because of the “climate of hate” that their political views create.

Consider last week’s attack on Hayden Williams, a conservative activist who got cold-cocked on the University of California-Berkeley campus while he was recruiting students to join a conservative organization. At first, CNN and the rest of the fake news media just ignored it.

Then, when the liberal media finally did get shamed into covering the Berkeley attack, they went with “allegedly attacked” headlines—despite the fact that two videos and one very ugly-looking black eye made it very clear what happened. They did the same thing with Kellyanne Conway when she was affronted by a protester, saying she only “claimed” to have been attacked.

Yet, the vast majority of news outlets didn’t see the need to include qualifiers such as “allegedly” or “claimed” in their coverage of Jussie Smollett’s case.

You see, when someone says Trump supporters committed a hate crime, the media thinks you can take that straight to the bank. Even though these “evil Trump supporter” stories are almost always complete fabrications, liberal reporters and editors write them uncritically and use them to whip up national hysteria again and again and again.

When people who hate President Trump engage in real, verifiable, politically motivated violence, the media aren’t nearly so interested. For every fake attack blamed on Trump supporters, there’s a real one committed against Trump supporters.

Just this weekend, a woman on Cape Cod, Massachusetts screamed at and hit a restaurant patron because he was wearing a MAGA hat. When the cops showed up, the attacker explained that she was the victim and that the man shouldn’t have been allowed to wear his hat. That may sound ridiculous, but, as we saw with the Covington Catholic kids, the mainstream media have basically the same attitude toward MAGA hats.

You see, even though I was being hyperbolic in my “Fox and Friends” interview, I wasn’t completely kidding about the unacceptable amount of violence Trump supporters have faced in Chicago.

On the Windy City’s West side, just days after my father won the election, a man who voted for him was savagely beaten and dragged from a car while people yelled “he voted Trump!” and “don’t vote Trump!”

Months later, a craven group of thugs live streamed themselves cutting and beating a mentally disabled 18-year-old while they told the camera “F*** Trump” and “F*** white people.”

These very real stories of political violence didn’t get nearly the attention that the mainstream media devoted to Jussie Smollett’s lies, which is precisely the point I was making with my joke about the dearth of MAGA hats on the streets of Chicago.

Somehow, I don’t think the people who twisted my words were actually intending to prove my point. But that’s exactly what they did.

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