Power from Nothing, Checks for Free

With utmost apologies to Dire Straits . . .

(Thin falsetto) I want my AOC
(Smattering of drums)
(Enter Mark Knopfler’s guitar on fire)

Look at them moo-cows gassing off their methane
That’s going to change now with AOC
She’s got a plan, too good to spell out fully
That plan is known as GND

Don’t like working, you don’t have to do it
Wait—that’s a lie from the RNC
But GND will guarantee employment
Your power from nothing, and your checks for free

We gotta outlaw gasoline engines
Protect frontline communitie-e-e-s
We must treat coal like Adolf Hitler
We gotta make you carbon free

Ignore that little FAQ’s sheet exposing our intentions
(Yeah buddy that high-speed rail)
That little FAQ’s sheet could never take your airplanes
That little FAQ sheet’s just a first draft fail

We gotta remove market incentives
Give away technologie-e-e-s
We gotta stop all this changing weather
We gotta make you carbon free

We need to lead with zero emissions
We need a far-sighted 10-year plan
Look at that Mama she’s stickin’ it to corporations
Yeah, she sticks it to the Man

And Trump’s up there, making lots of noises
He’s bangin’ out his tweets like a chimpanzee
It ain’t workin’, America wants action
Check it out on CNN and NBC

AOC, that’s the way you do it
Just like the moon shot from history
The DNC already has approved it
Your power from nothing and your checks for free

We’ve got to shut down nuclear reactors
Prioritize sustainability-y-y
We gotta rebuild everyone’s houses
With power from nothing and those checks for free
With power from nothing and those checks for free . . .

That ain’t workin’.

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