Robert Mueller’s Close Encounter of the Third Kind

Robert Mueller has a body, but he does not have the bodies.

He has Roger Stone, whom the FBI arrested after IMF Agent Ethan Hunt had lowered himself into Stone’s home office and hacked his computer, while wearing a suspension suit and squeezing his stomach muscles to maintain his balance, after, also, a time-traveling cybernetic organism—with living tissue over a robotic endoskeleton—had arrived, naked, outside Stone’s yard and surveyed the scene for clothes, guns, and transportation.

But Mueller does not have 77,744 bodies: the total number of people from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan who did not vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. To find them, he must perform a five-tone musical phrase. To have them testify before a grand jury, he must use Curwen hand signs that correspond to the five-note tonal phrase.

If Mueller does these things, an alien mothership will release the 77,744 bodies—in addition to the 14 airmen from Flight 19, the 32 sailors of the SS Cotopaxi, and 3-year-old Barry Guiler from Muncie, Indiana.

The aliens will send their best people. They will not bring their problems to us. They will not bring drugs. They will not bring crime. They may be kidnappers, but they are not rapists. They are good people.

We need their help. Mueller cannot complete his investigation without their help.

We have seen them.

We have physical evidence of their existence.

Now, we must contact them.

Photo illustration credit: Getty Images/YouTube

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