The Evil Genius of ‘Native American’

The fake news stories come and go so fast that keeping up feels impossible.

Last week’s most hyped fake news was BuzzFeed’s report that President Trump told his lawyer to lie to Congress. It was too dishonest even for Witchfinder General Robert Mueller, who’s no friend of the president but apparently has limits. Through a spokesman, he told BuzzFeed to buzz off.

Undeterred and certainly not embarrassed, the media moved on to another story: Catholic high school kids had surrounded, harassed, and taunted a harmless old Native American man on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

The kids were Catholic, which Democrats suggest disqualifies them from holding public office. Most of them were white, so they were obviously racist. They looked like cis-male heterosexuals, so when they’re not harassing old people they’re planning their next rape party. And they’re from Kentucky—Kentucky!—Is that even a real place? I think it’s in flyover country somewhere. So they’ve got to be gap-toothed, illiterate rednecks who hate gays, Muslims, and who want a Big Beautiful Wall to make refugee children suffer. Does that about sum it up?

And various groups made statements. The boys’ school, demonstrating the steely resolve we’ve come to associate with educational bureaucrats, condemned them without pausing to consider any evidence. Their diocese did likewise, demonstrating why Catholics need to take their religion back from Communists and perverts. Their city’s mayor was perhaps the most restrained, saying that their behavior did “not represent the core values of this city.”

Of course, none of the fake news reports about the boys’ abusing an old Native American man were true. As usual, it was a tissue of lies in the service of vilifying normal Americans.

But I, too, have a dog in this fight.

You see, I’m a native American. That is to say:

I was born in the United States. I am a citizen of the United States. My nationality is American. I cherish the history of the United States and I revere its heroes. My heritage connects me through Great Britain to Western Europe, the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Israel. I speak English.

I owe my national allegiance to the United States. I give that allegiance not just willingly, but gratefully for the blessings I enjoy and for the pride I can take in my country.

I stand for the American National Anthem. And I will not stand for anyone showing disrespect to the American flag.

All of the Nice People tell us we must use the term “Native Americans” for what used to be called “American Indians.” And if we don’t obey their diktats, the Nice People get extremely nasty.

Restricting “Native American” to American Indians is just one example of leftists distorting reality by controlling the language we’re allowed to use. Consider what it implies:

  • Only American Indians are Native Americans.
  • Nobody else can claim to be a Native American.
  • There were Americans—“Native Americans”—in our land long before the United States existed.
  • Therefore, “American” cannot be a nationality. It has been reduced to a geographic designation.
  • Actual Americans are “fake Americans” who massacred peace-loving Native Americans and took their land.
  • Actual Americans are guilty, guilty, guilty—not only of having long ago owned slaves, but of attempted genocide against the original residents of the land now called “the United States.”

Is it any wonder that so many confused people have come to hate their own country? Because, contrary to the narrative, at the very least American Indians today are treated and assumed to be Americans.

It’s time to say “no.” We will no longer let our language be policed by people who want to destroy us and our country.

American Indians were great warriors and worthy adversaries, but our ancestors won. The American Indians lost. If they had won, they would have treated us far more brutally than our ancestors treated them. This is our country.

This is our country. We are Americans.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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