A Diva’s Demand Gives Dems a Way Out

Cher last week demanded that both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) give President Trump the money to build the wall. The 70-something pop music diva is well known as being hostile to Trump. Previously, she had said Trump’s election felt like a death in her family and that she would leave the planet.

The media and Dems haven’t quite figured out to react yet, but I think she just threw Pelosi and Schumer a lifeline; a way to fold and in doing so claim the high moral ground.

The public is just beginning to really look at the issue and a minority (under 50 percent) agree with President Trump that immigration is a crisis. But a large number also agree that it is a problem and that number should scare Democrats because it will increase the longer the impasse continues.

As Trump continues to make his case, the poor responses from Schumer and Pelosi have weakened the opposition. Media water carriers have sought to divide Republicans in the hope that they will, in the traditions of John McCain and Jeff Flake, fold. But they aren’t there anymore and that effort appears to have failed.

While Dems and the media still rail at an “immoral” wall and support the far Left of their party it is increasingly hard for Democrats to explain why it is “immoral” now when it wasn’t just a few years ago when they supported funding for border security. In truth, the opposition has been based largely on emotional arguments and not logical ones based on facts and reasons. That has been a winner for Dems for a long time as voters don’t generally spend the necessary time to examine facts and reasons. It has always been easier to just use emotional arguments.

Cher, of all people, has now pointed them to a solution that allows them not only an out but a way to win back voters.

Suppose that they suddenly agreed to the funding with this:

President Trump’s heartless treatment of federal workers and the public must end and it seems we are the only grown-ups in the room. We will most reluctantly add the funding he is extorting from us due to his cruel and heartless tactics. We strongly encourage everyone to demand that he stop treating immigrants like criminals and will resist all of his further attempts to harm them using the power of the new majority of compassionate Democrats who will seek to solve problems instead of creating them.

Now the far-Left media might protest and many on the Right would scoff, but they could actually start the election cycle on a mean-spirited bully versus compassionate-caring progressive theme. Trump will claim victory and his base will cheer, but the wall isn’t a sure fix to the problem and the days ahead will see lots of hearings and an eventual Mueller report.

Will they take advantage of Cher’s advice?

Photo credit: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

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