A Blue Wave Is Not a Welcome Sight

No political loss is permanent, just as no political victory is a mandate for permanent rule. Let us remember this fact if or when a blue wave rises and crashes from the Carolinas to the coastline of California, because the wave I refer to—the one pollsters talk about—is a tsunami: not a tidal wave but a wave of displacement, whose force is inexorable, whose fury is inordinate, whose fallout is inevitable.

To associate the tides with the timing of an election is to misunderstand the nature of nature itself by granting the Democratic Party a power it may covet but should never possess. It is a power that destroys institutions, decimates individuals, and drowns the impulse to survive.

Do Democrats not intend to level the Trump presidency? Do they not mean to use any legal means necessary to impeach and remove the president? Do they not believe it is right to do wrong by harassing members of the White House staff? by trying to banish these individuals from public life? by trying to exile these men and women from the United States of America?

We should expect nothing less from a tsunami—which does not mean we cannot resist what may strike before the day ends.

To minimize the damage, do what the president promised. Do what Japan and Jakarta have already done: Build the wall.

In this case, be a wall against the Democrats’ agenda.

Do not waver from this responsibility. Do not weaken or tire from honoring this task. Do not fail this test.

If the wall can only slow the tsunami, it nonetheless gives us time to flee—not in fear but in resolution to continue to fight.

We must fight, lawfully and ruthlessly, because now is no time for civility. Now is no time to concede the high ground—the moral ground—to a party that yearns to grind us into dust.

Do not surrender.

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