The Real News the Media Ignored This Week

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? That should be the Democrats’ midterm motto.

Brett Kavanaugh appeared to be a modest, self-effacing family man with a lovely wife and two daughters. He’d devoted his career to the law and taught at Yale where he had earned the respect of colleagues. But really, he’s an especially promiscuous satyr who had somehow managed to avoid detection for decades. So committed was he to his disguise that he managed to live his entire adult life as a model of personal piety and family devotion.

Then there is Trump’s war on the media that makes it unsafe to be a journalist in America. How do we know this? Because these intrepid journalists brave their way to the studios of CNN and MSNBC to tell us about how repressed they are. They tell us about the unprecedented violence brought on by President Trump’s incendiary language. For most of this week, the media couldn’t find time to talk about how the Senate Judiciary Committee referred creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti and his client Julie Swetnick to the Justice Department for criminal investigation for lying to Congress about Kavanaugh.

They couldn’t be bothered to cover the House interview with George Papadopoulos which Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) said showed “the blatant double standard for the politically connected” like Andrew McCabe, who lied to the FBI and not only walked free but got a full pension. Nor was there any interest in new polls showing Republicans gaining ground in congressional races across the country.

A few weeks before an election that should be big news. But it wasn’t. Instead there was wall to wall coverage of a dozen packages sent to prominent Democrats containing devices that look like a particularly inept third grader’s approximation of a bomb. Not even the recipients thought they were in danger as evidenced by the fact that the folks at CNN took the time to unwrap theirs and lay it out on the counter in the office kitchen, photograph it, and send some indignant tweets about it, before going outside and telling each other how brave they were.

In the meantime though there has been a rash of political violence. Against Republicans. Kellen Michael Sorber has been charged with setting fire to the Albany County Republican headquarters in September. On October 11, the windows of the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City were smashed and a message was left stating, “Our attack is merely a beginning.” The Nebraska Republican Party’s headquarters had their windows smashed and “Abolish ICE” was spray painted on the wall [say when]. The windows at House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s Bakersfield office were also broken.

Then there are the physical attacks on people. Last month, a knife-wielding man named Farzad Fazeli attacked San Francisco Bay Area Republican Rudy Peters, who is challenging  Eric Swalwell, one of the most leftist members of Congress. According to reports, Fazeli charged at Peters with a switchblade while yelling, “F— Trump! F— Trump!” Wilfred Michael Stark, a progressive activist who works for David Brock’s American Bridge 21st Century, seems to like assaulting Republicans. His most recent arrest charges him with assaulting Kristin Davison, the manager of Adam Laxalt’s gubernatorial campaign by “trapping” her in a doorway and twisting her arm behind her back and squeezing it so hard she screamed in pain.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Hillary Clinton said on October 9th that you “can’t be civil with (Republicans)”, who she calls “deplorables.” This gave Democrats trying to win elections some heartburn, but it’s nothing new. Obama told Democrats to find Republicans and “argue with them and get in their face,” that if their political opponents bring a knife to a fight they should bring a gun, and that he’s looking for “whose ass to kick.” Maxine Waters told her supporters that when they see Republicans they should “create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.” You know intimidate people you don’t like with the threat of mob violence.

Is it any wonder that people believe them? Progressivism is an aggressive fundamentalist religion which will tolerate no competition.

And earlier this month, the deadly poison ricin was sent to President Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis. Two Cruz staffers were hospitalized. Little was made of this.

In fact, all these attacks on Republicans—including the commander-in-chief—got little more than a passing mention. But the media has indulged its most self-referential biases this week, only to find out that the packages were sent by a crazed ex-stripper who has a record of living in his van and threatening people that goes back to 2002.

Meanwhile, in political news which will actually impact the future of the republic rather than just titillate hungry eyes and itch eager ears, there has been a lot happening.

Kyrsten Sinema, the Arizona Democrat running for the U.S. Senate against Rep. Martha McSally, just lost the endorsement of the State Troopers Union. This comes on the heels of Arizonans learning that Sinema said that stay-at-home moms leech off their husbands and that it’s just fine with her if Americans go fight for the Taliban. She continues her slow slide into oblivion. She blew an early lead and is now down between two and four points.

In Tennessee, Democrat Phil Bresden has been called out by the NRA for claiming that he has the group’s endorsement. He doesn’t and they’re letting everyone know about it. The RealClearPolitics average has Republican Marsha Blackburn up by 6.5 points.

In Missouri incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill is in trouble. Her closing argument is that she’s “not one of those crazy Democrats.” That’s actually a line from her ad. Not great, since it makes people ask, “Well, even if she’s not one of those crazy Democrats, she’s works with them, caucuses with them, and votes with them so I’m not going to vote for her because that would be, well, crazy.” And it doesn’t sit well with other Democrats either. State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal is urging Missouri Democrats to write-in a Progressive candidate rather than voter for McCaskill. Ouch. The GOP says Hawley leads by seven points.

Democrat Joe Manchin in West Virginia has seen his lead evaporate and might now be in trouble. In deep blue New Jersey, Bob Menendez is now leading by just five points. He’s still the favorite to win, but that’s too close for comfort and forces Democrats to spend resources there just as they will have to in West Virginia. This, plus a raft of House races that have been trending towards Republicans, including Arizona’s 1st Congressional District and California’s 16th Congressional District, where Republican Elizabeth Heng is within striking distance of Democrat Jim Costa, have put Democrats on defense in the closing weeks of the race.

That’s the news that our legacy media couldn’t bear to print.

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