The Left Uses Bomb Scare As Excuse to Silence the Right

The Secret Service on Wednesday reported their agents had intercepted several explosive devices en route to the homes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as to former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. Another package was discovered at CNN’s New York headquarters addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan (who, in fact, works at MSNBC). Yet another may have been uncovered at the district offices of Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in Sunrise, Florida. An explosive device reportedly was also sent a few days ago to the home of the billionaire Democratic Party financier George Soros.

These are terrible events and deserve condemnation. At a time when America’s political discourse is the most toxic it has been in a generation, things appear to be getting worse with less than two weeks until a highly contentious election.

Yet no actual confirmation of the identity of the potential bombing suspect—much less the suspect’s motivations—has been released at this time.

Even so, as news of the attack was trickling out Wednesday morning, certain news anchors could barely contain their delight and were casting aspersions on the Right. Certainly, the attack does appear to be politically motivated. And, the rhetoric on both sides has intensified—especially with less than two weeks remaining before an historic midterm election.

For all the world knows, however, these events could have nothing to do with politics. Should the attempted bombings be political, blaming the actions of this would-be bomber (or bombers) on the Right before more is known is premature and, in addition, a radical departure from their response to attacks on Republican and conservative political figures.

Compare today’s response to the media’s response in 2017 to the shooting of senior Republican leaders on a baseball diamond in Alexandria, Virginia. In that case, the shooter was killed by Capitol Hill police immediately, and the world knew within two hours of the attack what the shooter’s motivation was: he was a rabid Democratic voter who hated Republicans. For some reason, the media kept mum about the shooter’s background and only cautiously released details about his political motivations. It took hours even to disseminate basic information that people near the attack already possessed.

Moreover, the nature of the attack in Alexandria and the attempted bombings today are different. A mass shooter is usually easier to identify because they very often are killed at the site of the attack. A bomber, however, can go weeks—even years—evading discovery. Where the media exercised unusual restraint after the politically charged shooting in Alexandria, they are running wild today with insinuations that Republicans—specifically, Donald Trump and his supporters—are to blame for these attempted bombings of Democratic Party notables.

The attempted bombing—all political violence—should be condemned (and these have been condemned by every leader on the Right). But, for two years, prominent Democrats, such as Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), have been urging leftists to terrorize any Republican they can find. Whether speaking of threats made against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and his family during his confirmation hearing or harassing poor old Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) in public, the Left’s aggressive behavior has been escalating since Donald Trump’s election.

For the Left, power is everything. Take it away and they go nuts. Thanks to Trump, the Right is finally vying for power—and winning. The Democrats haven’t confronted a serious challenge from Republicans in decades. What’s more, they know the vaunted “blue wave” isn’t coming to save them in the midterms. The Democrats will take advantage of any crisis they can to win—just as Chicago mayor and former Obama White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel urged President Obama to do at the outset of his administration.

The greatest threat to the Left is the rhetoric of Truth. Trump’s rhetoric, while at times crass, has always been a threat to the Left because he speaks plainly. The president has never urged violence. Trump’s supporters rarely act like leftist agitators or Antifa thugs (which is why it is breaking news when they do engage in such behaviors).

Further, Trump’s preferred method of communication —speaking directly to supporters at huge rallies or via Twitter—is a threat to the Left because the media cannot shut Trump down or spin him the way they have with previous Republican presidents (who often relied on the legacy media to get their message out to the public).

The goal of the Left is to silence the Right. While this would-be bomber must be hunted down and arrested, the Left doesn’t care about the crimes per se, given that no one was hurt. The attempted bombings represent for them just another way to put the Right on the defensive and, in leftist fever dreams, a chance to get Trump and his supporters to shut up and sit down before the midterms. Don’t fall for it.

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