Mueller Has Already Interfered in the Election—and Obstructed Justice

As November 6 approaches, news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is waiting until after the election to reveal the conclusions from his investigation belie a deeper, more disturbing point. Although Mueller’s decision is allegedly predicated on a desire to avoid even the appearance of impacting the vote, according to Justice Department policy and tradition the truth is Mueller already has interfered in the election.

Every shaky indictment, every illegal leak, and every sensational “breaking news!” bit of media speculation continues his interference in the election. All of these affect the media’s daily coverage of the story, which is overwhelmingly biased against the president and Republicans generally.

The Nakedly Partisan Nature of Mueller’s Remit
Casting aside all pretense of journalistic objectivity, the ethically conflicted “newsrooms” of the major legacy networks are hoping that Mueller will intervene in the election by dropping some kind of legal bombshell on the Trump family, inner circle, or administration in the run up to the vote.

Citing the Mueller probe, the only platform most Democrats are running on is one of investigation and impeachment of Trump, and several openly state—as fact—that Trump has committed treason by “colluding” with Putin. The lack of evidence or even a believable motive on the part of either Trump or Putin does not bother them. This is just spun as “all the more reason to keep investigating.” Being against Trump and convinced he is guilty is all they’ve got.

So to argue that his investigation hasn’t yet affected the election is pure jabberwocky; its mere continuation in itself is interference in our political process. Moreover, it has demonstrably affected the polls. It’s the only reason the Democrats can claim to have a “blue wave” building in their favor.

As to Russia, it had far more kompromat on Hillary Clinton, and the Russians have a proven track record of benefiting from her brazen pay-to-play schemes, exposed by WikiLeaks. Why would Russia use WikiLeaks to expose that bribe-worthy fact before she could be safely installed as president? Russia has a national self-interest in seeing the United States become a geopolitically weaker player. Clearly, if Moscow invested in Trump over Clinton to achieve this, Putin must not be as clever as they say. No: It’s all nonsense.

The legacy media’s shameful lack of coverage of the Clinton campaign’s paper trail of collusion with foreign spies, media plants, and rogue Obama Justice Department political operatives, mirrors Mueller’s curious lack of interest in the same. This lack of curiosity about the Democrats also affects the polls. Half the voting public is completely unaware of the facts surrounding the Obama Administration’s efforts to run interference for the Clinton campaign and then to frame Trump.

The indictment of James A. Wolfe, former longtime Senate Intelligence Panel security director, illustrates better than anything the degree to which opposition to Trump was literally in bed with the media to leak classified information selectively and impact the news cycles for the last two years.

A deluge of classified leaks led to the inglorious downfalls of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former Director James Comey. Comey’s firing by Trump then spawned Rod Rosenstein’s appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel—a curious choice, given Mueller’s longtime mentorship of Comey, and Rosenstein’s own role in firing him.

In the least charitable interpretation of Mueller’s decision to withhold information from his team’s investigation, he is hiding behind the pretense of not wanting to be perceived as interfering with the election according to Justice Department tradition, precisely in order to maximize that interference to advantage the president’s political opponents unfairly in the election.

Why? Because he’s got nothing. To act before the election would mean shutting down and effectively exonerating the president before the voters head to the polls. Instead he’s indicting Russian ghosts, just to keep the partisan Democrat-driven media narrative in the news.

In the most charitable interpretation, Mueller is cynically awaiting the election results to determine whether he writes a scathing report full of unproven innuendo so the Democrats have their grist for endless impeachment investigations—or, should the GOP hold onto Congress, a quiet wrap up.

If the Democrats win, the myth of his saintly integrity will be magnified and his abusive prosecutorial tactics will go down the memory hole, as they always have done in his “distinguished” career as a serial inquisitor of innocent suspects.

But for the dynamic of Mueller’s investigation, does anyone in his right mind believe the vaunted “blue wave” would have had any force (real or imagined) behind it?

Not with an economy cranking on all cylinders, unemployment across all demographic groups down to historic lows, and transformative geopolitical progress in Asia and the Middle East.

No way.

The Bottom Line
Mueller’s investigation in fact may be nothing more than an elaborate distraction operation to protect the real “colluders” with British and Russian agents in 2016 in the Clinton campaign and the Obama Justice Department.

We’ve seen this with the hyperpartisan composition of Mueller’s legal team, its grotesquely one-sided, helplessly single-sighted inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 election, solely and specifically to benefit Trump (as if there could be only one strategic Russian play), and the handful of barely related and mostly PR stunt indictments of Russian and Trump officials on made-up, process-induced, or completely unrelated prior crimes.

It’s the most audacious, hypocritical, and frankly criminal case of projection in American political history.

You might even say Mueller along with his Democrat and Republican #NeverTrumper apologists are still interfering in the 2016 election, still obstructing justice where Hillary’s server investigation and foreign spy-fed agitprop campaign is concerned, and still colluding with the media and foreign powers to obscure what happened between 2015 and 2017.

All this, so that the evidence of their own treacherous conspiracy with foreign interests, dangerous violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and abuse of the fearsome surveillance powers of the federal government never sees the light of day.

In other words, this investigation is giving the co-conspirators of 2016’s only provable election meddling another chance to interfere in the 2018 election, for the purpose of obtaining the result they wanted the first time.

On cue, Hillary Clinton is already, incredibly but quite predictably, telegraphing her intent to run again in 2020, and planning “speaking tours” to gin up interest in such a run.

So it’s come to this: November 6, 2018, may be our last chance to end the tragic 2016 injustice and subsequent two-year media-manufactured soap opera, once and for all.

If we miss this opportunity, we may very well lose the republic, too, because the multinational forces at work to keep the Trump-Russia collusion hoax afloat through the midterms, investing all their hope in Mueller, care only about the power of the D.C. elite.

They give not one fig, and cry only crocodile tears, for “our democracy.”

Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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