The Democrat Strategy of Crying Rape Is Not Over

Brett Kavanaugh’s televised trial by ordeal may be over, but Democrats will never let go of the falsehood that Republicans have elevated a would-be or actual rapist to the Supreme Court. Neither have we heard the last rape accusation deployed as political weapon. Think of the Kavanaugh hearings as the trailer for the Democratic horror movie to come.

And don’t be surprised if we haven’t heard the last of sexual misconduct smears against Justice Kavanaugh stemming from his college days at Yale. If the Democrats take the House in the midterms, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) would be chairman of the judiciary committee, and he has vowed to pursue the accusations of sexual assault against the newest Supreme Court Justice.

At first glance this seems self-destructive on the part of Democrats, given how the general public hated the cruel and lawless attack on Kavanaugh. Democrats have a different calculus. Abortion with no limits is threatened. There is a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, so the court itself must be besmirched.

What is becoming more obvious by the day is that the Democrats don’t care about the general electorate. They appear bent on destroying unity wherever they find it. They want to destroy constitutional limits on their power, including the limits brought on by separation of powers or Democrats losing elections.

The newly radicalized Democratic Party has priorities that follow a neo-Marxist identity politics playbook. Their future depends on whipping up emotions of fear and anger and dividing the country into warring factions. Success requires that women become a one-party voting bloc, joining blacks who have long been corralled into a near-permanent voting bloc (now finally cracking) by cries of racism and attacks on dissenters as race traitors if they dare break free.

Democrats need American suburban women—educated, prosperous, assertive, successful American women—to feel like victims. President Obama’s Title IX Office of Civil Rights redefined sexual assault to be any unwanted words or touch. Their directive explicitly states, the action does not need be “objectionably offensive” to an “objectively reasonable person.” Assault is defined in the mind of the accuser.

Since every woman in America has received an unwanted catcall or pat, an obnoxious grope or innuendo, everyone is a “survivor.” No surprise, the villains are “white men,” shorthand for “evil racist, sexist Republicans.”

Putting on the mantle of “survivor” appeals to the drama queens of Hollywood. It is second nature to the feminists of the coastal elites. It plays well in the wealthy enclaves that fund the Democrat party.

Whether the average woman wants to see herself as a victim, and their husbands and sons left defenseless and ruined by false accusations of sexual assault, is an open question that the midterm elections will answer.

What the midterms will not do is end the Democrats’ efforts to whip up political frenzy with accusations of sexual assault and sexism. Despite the #MeToo movement’s success in taking down some important Democrats, an obsession with sexual offenses promises bigger political payoffs for them.

The promotion of the idea of a  fake “rape culture” on campus turned the majority of Millennial college women into loyal and activist Democrats. Smearing President Trump as a sexist wins the votes of single and college educated women.

Senate Democrats were confident about taking the campus rape meme mainstream, live on TV, at the Kavanaugh hearing. They fully expected to humiliate and crush an upright family man with accusations of attempted and group rape. Following Christina Blasey Ford’s waif-like, teary self-presentation, Republicans immediately began to cave, calling her swiss-cheese testimony convincing and credible. It looked like Democrats had it in the bag.

The only trouble was, Democrats underestimated the reaction of normal people to their display of leftist agitprop on national TV.

Contrary to the way it is done in the secret kangaroo courts on campus, Kavanaugh had the opportunity to defend himself. The Stalinist ideal of rendering guilty verdicts upon accusation and the politics of individual destruction did not feel right to Americans. It looked unfair, and it looked mean.

It was also very scary. People felt empathy for Kavanaugh and his family, knowing no one is safe when rape accusations are politicized and an accusation is all it takes to ruin a man’s life. America has recoiled. Many women have recoiled. Yet Democrats are redoubling their efforts. They are committed to this path.

Why are they doing this? Some of the reasons are short-term and obvious. President Trump has done a magnificent job. Our pugnacious, pragmatic, and capable businessman in the Oval Office really is making America great again. Many independents who did not vote for him are now grateful and enthusiastic. He is even drawing a small but potentially game-changing slice of Democratic voters, including Hispanics, blacks, and the latest, working-class Millennials, happy with their new jobs and wage hikes.

President Trump punches back twice as hard as his political opponents, something the Democrats have never had to contend with from GOP politicians. So Democrats keep turning up the volume. They can’t drown out his barbs nor his accomplishments—except with women.

Two years into the Trump presidency, keeping educated suburban women as a loyal Democratic voting bloc is not a “nice to have” for Democrats. It is a necessity. The gender gap, with women breaking Democrat, is wider than ever. Democrats must manipulate the emotions of single and suburban women or they will lose.

There is a second, long-term factor at work. The takeover of the Democrat party by leftists. Democrats’ range of action is limited after eight years of leadership by Barack Obama, the community organizer in the White House.

President Obama presided over the hollowing out of his party (conservatives will never tire of this red electoral map of America). He ignored fellow Democrats, while pouring fundraising efforts into his personal army of 30,000 agitators, Organizing for America (OFA). A quarter of a million college kids signed the Obama anti-rape initiative, “It’s On Us,” and 5,000 were trained as activists on 500 campuses.

Obama’s White House “Champions of Change” program honored radicals such as Linda Sarsour, invited to the White House seven times, who wants Jewish women kicked out of the feminist movement and supports jihad in America. It was Sarsour who organized and co-led the so-called Women’s March to protest President Trump’s election.

The former president and first lady talk of their plans to create “a million” such mini-me community agitators. They hope to take over every aspect of American life. His presidential library will not hold archives as do most presidential libraries. Instead, it will serve as a training center for more activists. The training has already begun by the Obama Foundation, even before the library’s groundbreaking.

President Obama made identity politics the heart and soul of the Democratic Party, in which the only thing that counts is your racial, sexual orientation, or gender group. This was the strategy developed by Marxists in the 1970s: a pivot from organizing workers to “community organizing,” that is, using agitprop to inflame minority grievances, provoke violence, pressure and shake down corporations, and destabilize our political systems. Obama shared in his memoir about attending a socialist conference, learning of this long-term game plan, while hanging out with Marxists at Columbia, and finding his life direction.

To the Democrat neo-Marxists, America’s real identity is oppression. Individualism is replaced with groupthink. Everyone but white males are manipulated into groups based on envy, hate, and grievances having to do with the past. White men are the enemy of every group.

Promoting the myth of a sexist, rape-infested America was a major new Obama initiative. His Office of Civil Rights weaponized the Title IX Civil Rights bill to dominate campus politics with accusations of sexual assault and gender discrimination. Many thousands of professional radicals were hired by colleges across America to comply with federal guidelines on women’s and minority rights.

UC Berkeley is spending a fortune of taxpayers money on 175 full-time rape protection, bias and diversity staff. UC Davis has 28 different departments of identity studies. University of Michigan’s diversity bureaucracy employs nearly 100 full-time employees, a taxpayer bill of more than $11 million. Every campus in America had to comply or face the threat of loss of federal funds and federal lawsuits.

The witch hunt against Judge Kavanaugh was not a last-minute tactic, it was the national rollout culminating years of work. With the radical bureaucrats and grievance studies professors calling the shots, rape witch hunts continue on campus even though Secretary of Education Betsy Devos has rescinded the Obama Administration guidelines. On many campuses accused boys still have no right to face their accusers, know the evidence against them, or be represented by counsel.

With the country now composed of citizens set at each other’s throats along fault lines of race, sex, and sexual orientation, Obama thought he’d laid the groundwork for a permanent Democratic majority, based on minority voting blocs, dominated by the emotional manipulation of the Left. The overwhelming number of illegal and legal non-Western immigrants has reduced whites to a minority among children under five. Obama, obsessed with race, assured fellow Democrats that “demographics is on our side.”

Things have not turned out as planned by identity politics Marxists, however. President Trump’s unforeseen pugnacity and economic turnaround of the country is blocking their expected triumph. Many women, gays, and minorities identify as American, not as members of a grievance group. Blacks and Hispanics, no surprise, like Trump’s policies that bring them good jobs and pay hikes. The leftists’ rape culture agenda has revealed itself as a desperation play.

Welcome to the neo-Marxist Democratic Party. Under the guise of fighting for the oppressed, anything goes. You shut down people who disagree with you because they are evil and oppressors. You humiliate and destroy white men because they deserve it, by virtue of their skin color. Even to hear their words is an assault, an attack on your “existence” as the snowflakes have been taught to say.

One thing we can count on. Losing the midterms will not quiet the Democrat mob. It will enrage them, and the deep state, even more. The Kavanaugh politics of personal destruction was a signpost for our new political landscape. They don’t just want to destroy good men, they want to destroy America. There will be no peace and no return to civility until they are stopped.

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